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What makes participating in the program impossible

You cannot benefit from the Program if:

  • you have concluded the Transaction using deffered payment - merXyPay and you have not yet settled your obligation towards us.
  • The Program does not cover all situations, i.e. your application may not be accepted if:
  1. you do not meet the conditions for participation in the Program and you have breached the Terms and Conditions
  2.  the agreement concluded within a Transaction has been concluded on terms other than those set out in the Terms and Conditions 
  3.  you have not paid all amounts owed to us (e.g., resulting from applications to the Program in Transactions in which you were a Seller, from buy now pay later payment)
  4. a period of 3 months from the date of the Transaction has expired
  5. the Product falls within the scope of the appendix to the Terms and Conditions - Prohibited and Restricted Products
  6. at the moment of concluding the agreement within the Transaction you knew that the Product is faulty or incomplete
  7.  you have made an incorrect notification (e.g. you did not attach the relevant documentation or you made the notification after the deadline)
  8. you have received any consideration for the Transaction from the Seller, on the Seller's initiative, from the manufacturer or any other entity, which may have led to a termination of the Seller's obligation or to the remedying of a material part of your damage;
  9. we shall be entitled to believe that the Product has been damaged or lost in transit through the fault of the carrier
  10. you have completed a Transaction, which is the subject of the submission, with a Related Entity.

If you have only received a part of the Products and you wish to terminate or rescind the agreement. You will then only be compensated for the part of the Products not received.

Details of the Buy Risk Free program are available in the Terms and Conditions.