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How to activate an online payment method?

Step 1: Access your Account Panel on merXu HERE

Step 2: Find information on online payment activation

Step 3: Activate online payments

  • Find a black button labeled "Activate online payments." Click on this button to initiate the activation process.

Active Online Payments

Step 4: Proceed with the verification process

  • After clicking the "Activate online payments" button, you will be redirected to a verification process facilitated by merXu's external partner. It is essential to complete this step to start selling on merXu.

Step 5: Follow the instructions for completing company details

  • During the verification process, you will need to provide accurate information regarding your company details. Fill in each field with the required information, such as company name, address, and registration details.

Step 6: Provide personal details

  • In addition to company information, you will also need to provide personal details for owners, controlling persons, and signatories in your company.
  • You may have one person holding multiple roles. Complete the required fields, including date of birth, country of residence, email address, phone number, and job title. Also, provide a personal address.

Step 7: Verify your bank account

  • To receive payouts, you must have a verified bank account. Make sure the bank account holder's name matches your company name.
  • The specific verification process may vary depending on your country. Choose the appropriate form of verification provided by merXu.

Step 8: Submit the required documents

  • Follow the instructions provided to submit the necessary documents for verification. These documents may include identification documents, business licenses, or other relevant paperwork. Ensure that you provide all the required documents accurately.

Step 9: Review and approval stage

  • Once you have submitted the required documents, your application will go through a review and approval process. This stage may take some time, so be patient. 

Step 10: Completion and success

  • If all the fields are marked with a green "Verified," it means that the online payment onboarding process has been successfully completed. You have now successfully onboarded for online payment methods on merXu.

Congratulations! You can now enjoy the benefits of accepting online payments on merXu and start selling your products to a wider audience.


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