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What is considered as the Transaction for which the transaction fee is charged for?

MerXu considers a Transaction as executed and is undisputedly entitled to charge a fee in each case if:

  1. the Payment was made,
  2. the Buyer has used the merXu Pay option,
  3. the Seller concluded a Freight Forwarding Agreement with the Service Provider (the Freight Forwarder) in one of the modes provided for in Appendix no. 8 - Transport Organization Assistance, or
  4. the User benefited from a promotion organized by the Service Provider under which it is possible to confirm the execution of a Transaction,
  5. MerXu has other information or documents proving the sale happened.

Even if there are multiple sale indicators as stated above, we'll only charge one transaction fee. For example, if you used payment services and signed a Freight Forwarding Agreement at the same time, you'll only pay one fee.