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How can I pay for products?

After completing an order on merXu, you have the option to pay for the ordered products using one of the following payment methods:

  • Online transfer
  • Bank transfer
  • Card payment

1. Online transfer

After selecting the option ‘Online transfer’, in the next step the  list of cooperating banks appears. Here you can select your bank from the list and after you click ‘Pay’ button, you will be automatically redirected to your chosen bank. 

You log in into your bank account and finish the transfer. In the next step you will be redirected back to status of the payment page on merXu, where you can see, if your payment was created succesfully.


2. Bank transfer

After selecting an option ‘Bank transfer’ you will be redirected to order summary page where you can see transfer information and invoice details provided by seller to completing the transfer on your own.


3. Card payment

After selecting the option ‘Credit card’, in the next step the formula for card details appears. Here you can put your card number, expiry date and security code and then click ‘Pay’ option’.

Attention! If your card has additional 3DSecure protection, you also have to confirm payment on your bank side (SMS security code, in-app confirmation etc).


For further details on the Payments read more HERE merXu payments for buyers and in our Terms of Service from 1. 2. 2023 - merXu.

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