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Any user registered on merXu can benefit from the Promotion. Both buyers and sellers.

Rules of the promotion:

  • The promotion consists of referring a company that is not yet registered on merXu. 
  • The user provides a referral link to the company that wants to register. The link is available HERE

My merXu > Contacts > Invite company

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For the referral to be effective, Recommended Company must register from the link provided by the Recommending Participant during the promotional period.

Referral Bonus for Referred Buyer:

    • The referrer receives a bonus on the purchase of a Referred Participant worth not less than PLN 1000,00 net, or respectively EUR 200 ,00 net,  or CZK 6000.00 net, or HUF 70 000) net, or 1000,00 RON net (value of one invoice), made during the promotional period.
    • The referrer receives a bonus of PLN 150.00 or EUR 35.00, CZK 850.00, HUF 14 000 or RON 150.00 (net)  for each successful first purchase by the recommended company.
    • The referrer receives additionally PLN 75 or 16 EUR, 400 CZK, 6 000 HUF, 75 RON (net) respectively for subsequent purchases of the Recommended Company, but only on those made on the Recommending Participant.
  • In the first month of the referral, the referrer can receive a maximum of 300 PLN or 67 EUR, 1 650 CZK, 26 000 HUF, 300 RON per customer. That is, for his three purchases in total, one for 200 EUR from any retailer and two more from the referrer with no minimum amount.
  • The Recommending Participant can only receive the bonus for two transactions  with the same Recommended Company in one calendar month. 
  • In one calendar month, the maximum value of the bonus that the referring participant can receive is no more than PLN 15,000 or respectively EUR 3,300, CZK 80,000, HUF 1 200 000, or RON 15,000 (net) . However, there is no limit to the number of recommended companies.

Referral Bonus for Referral-Seller:

The referrer receives a bonus of 500 EUR from the bids of the referred vendor if the referrer meets the following conditions:

  • During the Offer Period, the referred seller participant shall list a minimum of 1 (one) service or 1,000 (one thousand) offers with their products which, according to their characteristics, belong to any of the existing categories on the Platform.
  • Within 2 months of their registration on the Platform, the referred Seller will make a total of at least 20 transactions with at least 10 different buyers for a total amount of no less than 1100 EUR net.

The referred-seller participant is also entitled to a cash bonus of PLN 2,300 if they meet all the conditions.

In one calendar month, the maximum bonus value a referring participant can receive is no more than PLN 15,000. There is no limit on the number of referred companies.

Have a Look at the Terms and Conditions and find more about the program.