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How to start buying on merXu - step by step guide

Table of Contents:

1. Product Searching

   1.1. Category Tree

   1.2. Search Engine

   1.3. Requests for Quotes

2. Communication with the Seller

   2.1. Send Inquiry

   2.2. Add to Cart

   2.3. Set Delivery Address Along with Contact Information

   2.4. Wait for the Seller's Offer

3. Finalization of the Transaction

   3.1. Online Transfer

   3.2. Bank Transfer

   3.3. Card Payment

   3.4. merXu Protected Payments

4. Buy Risk-Free up to EUR 5000 Program

1. Product searching

Products  can be searched through the category tree, search engine, and requests for quotes.

1.1. Category Tree:

You can find all the main categories on the merXu homepage. The principle of "from general to particular" works here. By clicking on the selected category, you can expand the subcategories assigned to it, which, as they branch out, become more detailed.

Screenshot 2024 02 01 133357

1.2. Search Engine:

You can find a specific product in the search engine on the merXu homepage. Use the product name or the manufacturer's name. You can also enter the EAN code. Once you go to the results page, you can add additional search filters, such as price range, currency, shipping location, and product status.


1.3. Requests for Quotes:

Have you not found a product? Make a request for quotes. Sellers regularly review the list of requests for quotes, offering buyers items that have not been listed on merXu but are available in their offers and thanks to your request, they will add the product to the platform.

You can make a request for quotes on your merXu account by going to My merXu > Request for quotes HERE. Complete the form by entering the most important information about the item you are looking for and select a category.

Screenshot 2024 02 01 133455

Select the visibility status for your request for quotes:

Public - all companies visiting merXu can see your request for quotes and respond immediately, so interested sellers can submit their offers right away.

Anonymous - the seller does not see who created the request for quotes until you accept their response. Only then does a conversation take place.

Request for Quotes

2. Communication with the Seller:

2.1. Send Inquiry

You can contact the seller to adjust your order, negotiate the price, or inquire about other offers from their portfolio before making a purchase.

Choose and click on the offer you are interested in. Find the button "SEND INQUIRY"  on the right side of the offer and you will be moved directly to a chat with the seller. This is the place where you can preview your order. Talk to the seller about the details of your order. Negotiate the price and pay for the products. So many things in one place for your comfort. 



2.2. Add to cart

You can add products to your cart from different vendors. Then, from the shopping cart, you can send an inquiry and start a conversation with each of them individually.


2.3. Set Delivery Address Along with Contact Information

When you are ready to make a purchase, make sure you have your delivery address and contact details prepared. The field to enter this information can be found on the right side of the chat with the seller.

Screen En 2

2.4. Wait for the Seller's Offer

After entering the delivery details, wait for the offer from the Seller. Once you receive it, the 'BUY' button will become active.

Screen En 3

3. Finalization of the transaction

After completing an order on merXu, you have the option to pay for the ordered products using one of the following payment methods:

3.1. Online transfer

3.2. Bank transfer

3.3. Card payment

3.4. merXu Protected Payments

3.1. Online transfer

After selecting the option ‘Online transfer’, in the next step the  list of cooperating banks appears. Here you can select your bank from the list and after you click ‘Pay’ button, you will be automatically redirected to your chosen bank. 

You log in into your bank account and finish the transfer. In the next step you will be redirected back to status of the payment page on merXu, where you can see, if your payment was created succesfully.

3.2. Bank transfer

After selecting an option ‘Bank transfer’ you will be redirected to order summary page where you can see transfer information and invoice details provided by seller to completing the transfer on your own.

3.3. Card payment

After selecting the option ‘Credit card’, in the next step the formula for card details appears. Here you can put your card number, expiry date and security code and then click ‘Pay’ option’.

Attention! If your card has additional 3DSecure protection, you also have to confirm payment on your bank side (SMS security code, in-app confirmation etc).

3.4. merXu Protected Payments

After selecting an option “merXu Protected Payments” the funds are transferred from the buyer's card or account using one of the available online payment methods (BLIK, GiroPay, EPS, Trustly, Sofort, etc.) to an Protected Payments account at Adyen Bank.

These funds are held securely in the Protected Payments account until the buyer receives the goods as per the order.The seller is immediately informed by merXu once the funds have been deposited into the Protected Payments account.

As soon as the buyer receives the goods, the funds are released to the seller's designated account.

4. Buy Risk-Free up to EUR 5000' program

The security of your transactions concluded through merXu is of paramount importance to us. That is why we have created the 'Buy Risk-Free up to EUR 5000' program, which aims to provide security for you in the event of various types of improper behavior by the seller. Once you have met the conditions of the program, we will compensate you for any damages you have suffered.

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