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Here you will find all information about buying and selling on the European trading platform merXu

How to start buying on merXu - step by step guide

We invite you to the shopping on the international platform  merXu. You will find millions of offers, such as: Chemicals and metallurgy, Construction, Electrical Engineering, Lighting, Heating and Hydraulics, Safety, Tools, Industry and mechanical engineering, HoReCa, Office and business equipment. You can also find servises.

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! The merXu is currently free of charge, you do not need to pay for registration. However, only companies have access to the platform. A private person can not register, buy or sell on merXu.

1. Account registration on merXu

Go to the REGISTRATION page. You can click on the “Register” button on the merXu page in top right corner.


Complete the form. It only takes a minute! Fields with asterisks are mandatory.

The Form

Register for Free

Set your password

A welcome message will be sent to the email address provided in the above form. You will find there the link “set password”. It is only valid for 24 hours!

After clicking the link, set any password that will allow you to log in to merXu. The password should include at least 8 characters, a capital letter, number and/or special character.

!Remember! The link is only valid for 24 hours!

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After setting the password, you will be able to log in to merXu and start shopping. However, please give us a moment so that we can verify the details you provided and activate your account.

We will inform you about data verification and account activation in a separate e-mail. 

My Account and Company Settings

You can find the Company settings by clicking HERE 

In this section you can find the data, which you provided when registering an account. You can complete the rest data:


You can make changes and updates such as: e-mail address, new password, delivery address or billing address from this stage.

You can also generate the Application Password here, e.g. if you would like to integrate merXu Account with BaseLinker.

In this section you can also manage Notifications received from merXu - consents, notifications’ receiving frequency and their types.

You can also find the option to edit your company settings such as address, bank account number, currency and company data and status.

2. Product searching

CONGRATULATIONS! You are already register and you can start buying on merXu

MerXu offers millions of  products and services, which are relevant for various categories of enterprises. 

Thus, most companies can obtain comprehensive supplies of construction items, tools, fasteners, hardware and safety on merXu.

Products and services can be searched through the category tree, search engine and inquiries.

Category tree

You can find all the main categories on the merXu homepage. The principle “from general to particular” works here. By clicking on the selected category, you expand the subcategories assigned to it, which, as they branch out, become more detailed.


Search engine

You can find a specific product in the search engine on the merXu homepage.

Use the product name or the manufacturer’s name. You can also enter the EAN code.


When you go to the results page, you can add additional search filters, such as price range, currency, shipping location, product status.

Inquiries offers

A list of public inquiries is also available on merXu - a place where you can enter the product you are looking for, currently not available on the platform.

Sellers regularly review the list of inquiries, offering buyers items that have not been listed on merXu, but have in their offers.

You can find inquiries HERE

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And also on the merXu homepage:

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3. Communication with the seller

You can contact the Seller to adjust your order, negotiate price or ask about other offers from his portfolio, before you make a purchase.

Choose and click on the offer you are interested in. Find the button “REQUEST A QUOTE” or “ CONTACT SUPPLIER” on the right side of the offer. After clicking on it, a messenger will open up with ready-made questions to choose from and also the option to enter your own message.

Contact Supl

Use the "Make an order" function to agree the terms of purchase with the Seller.

 After clicking the “Make an order” button, you will be taken to the list of sample questions that you can ask the Seller:

Hello I Want You

If you do not find an appropriate question on the list, you can write to the Seller by clicking on the “a custom one”.

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In the first step, provide details that will help the supplier suggest a price. Indicate how many products you want to buy, the place of delivery, and so on. 

Negotiate terms using the messenger. After determining the details of the transaction, the seller will send you an order summary.

4. Finalization of the transaction

After agreeing with the seller all the details of the transaction, you can proceed to finalize it based on the invoice sent by the messenger.

If you use the BUY NOW option, you will be transferred to the Order Details - a form where you fill in the data necessary to ship the item/s. After completing the data, the button will appear: Order with Obligation to Pay. When you click it, you will be transferred to the order summary where you can find the data for a money transfer.