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Assistance in logistics, forwarding, domestic and international transport

We offer assistance in logistics, forwarding, domestic and international transport . 

  •     We guarantee the delivery of transport documents after an international order necessary for VAT settlement. 
  •   Thanks to the cooperation with a large number of carriers, we guarantee the most advantageous transport offers and fast delivery times.


As part of transport services, we provide transport:

  •     Full truck loads and groupage loads both in the country and abroad;
  •   Our carriers have all the necessary licenses and documents for international transport, which allows us to move around different countries;
  •     Our carriers are in constant contact with the forwarder.


As part of forwarding services, we provide clients with:

  •   Standard and non-standard transport;
  •   Monitoring of entrusted tasks;
  •   Comprehensive service;
  •   High quality of service and punctuality;
  •   Cooperation with the best carriers who have a wide range of cars of various tonnage and cubic capacity.

If you plan to order a shipment or need information about the status of the shipment, all you need is one phone call or e-mail to our logistics office. 


As part of logistics services, we will optimize the costs of logistics processes for you, and we will select the best means and methods to achieve the goal in the field of:

  •   Transport;
  •   Distribution of entrusted goods;

 The effect is efficient and professional execution of orders