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Bosch screwdriver, body

  • Quantity: 1
Hello, I can't find a bosch impact wrench / screwdriver on the website, I have batteries and I am looking for the body itself, the body

LED bulbs

  • Quantity: 1
Retro bulbs, LED, normal

Dining table Mammut Artwork 240 cm

  • Quantity: 1
Dining table Mammut Artwork 240 cm


  • Product: Isover
  • Quantity: 1
I would need a floor polystyrene ISOVER EPS 100S - hr.10cm - 50 packs hr.5cm - 25 packs ISOVER EPS 150S - hr .10cm - 8 packs hr.5cm - 4 packs


  • Quantity: 1
Hello, I am interested in purchasing a screwdriver with the given code.

Grill - gass (PB)

  • Quantity: 1
Hello, I am looking for some grill - with PB source (not electricity). 750 mm wide or more. 1-2 pcs Thanks for your offers

Station for disinfection

  • Quantity: 1
I am searching for some disinfection station without need to be touched up. 1-2 pcs Thanks for your offers

Oriental goods

  • Quantity: 10
Sarongs, tea sets, candlesticks, wooden boxes

Ytong forte

  • Product: Ytong forte
  • Quantity: 1056
1056 pieces of Ytong PP2.5 / 04S + GT 24 pulley Forte, delivery - Bytów poviat

garden drum

  • Quantity: 1
I need a cable reel about 60 / 70m

black respirators with 3-color print

  • Product: black respirator FFP2
  • Quantity: 500
requirement for hygienically packaged printed respirators - technology description, certificate, packaging description.
printing 3 colors, quantity 500 and 1000 pcs

Ryobi One + R18P-0

  • Product: Ryobi One + R18P-0
  • Quantity: 1
Do you have a Ryobi One + R18P-0 polisher for sale?

Snickers AllroundWork Jacket

  • Quantity: 1
  • EAN: 13039504
  • M: M
jacket Snickers allroundWork dark blue Size M

Makita, Metabo, Bosch, Hitachi and Dewalt power tools

  • Quantity: 100
We are looking for wholesale suppliers of brand power tools like Makita, Metabo, Bosch, Hitachi, and Dewalt.Please contact us if you are able to export in wholesale quantities.


  • Quantity: 1000
I am looking for a regular supplier of waterproof foiled plywood th. 6mm, 21mm, 24mm, 25mm.Plywood will serve as the main construction board for the floors of our prefabricated houses.They do not have to be non-slip.

Crystal or glass cubes for inside 3D laser engraving.

  • Quantity: 1
Hello!I'm interested in blank crystal cubes.Also can offer blank glass cubes about 30-50 mm thick material.In some places crystal called like K9 crystal.Good cube size about 60x60x90 mm.This cubes we needed regulary for inside engraving purposes.First order will be about 100 cubes or more


  • Quantity: 1
- Festool tools Vertex / Carvex / 1pcs - formatting saw with pre-cut for laminate 1pc - Cordless drill DRC 18/4 1pc - Sistainers (may also be the original manufacturer Tanos) - more types