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TDC screwdriver

  • Quantity: 1
I am asking for an offer for a TDC screwdriver

Please send me an offer for the Festool OF 1400 EBQ-Plus router

  • Quantity: 1
Please send me an offer for the festool OF 1400 EBQ-Plus router.

Mafell milling machine

  • Quantity: 1
I am asking for an offer

Mafell milling machine please offer

  • Product: Mafell NFU 50
  • Quantity: 1


  • Quantity: 11
QUATTRO-ACID-STAR XL 11kg. from the manufacturer KOCH CHEMIE. it is a product for cleaning car wheels and for cleaning rust rust

Demand for adhesive tapes

  • Quantity: 9500
Hello We are looking for transparent adhesive tapes 48mm x 130m and 60mm x 130m Thank you very much

Demand for stretch film

  • Product: stretch foil
  • Quantity: 3000
Hello We are looking for stretch film: transparent and black 500mm x 250m (roll) 23 micron tube 250g transparent and black 500mm x 262m (coil) 17 micron socket 250g Thank you for the offer

HENDI Profi Line 300 975268

  • Product: HENDI 975268
  • Quantity: 1
Vacuum packaging machine Profi Line - chamber with oil pump HENDI 975268

100x Makita DF333DSAP1

  • Product: Makita DF333DSAP1
  • Quantity: 100
We are looking for 100pcs of Makita DF333DSAP1Please send your offer.

150x Makita DHP482RTJ

  • Product: Makita DHP482RTJ
  • Quantity: 150
We are looking for 150pcs of Makita DHP482RTJ. Please send us an offer.

150x Makita DDF482RTJ

  • Product: Makita DDF482RTJ
  • Quantity: 150
We are looking for 150pcs of Makita DDF482RTJ. Please send us an offer.

Styrofoam price

  • Product: Knauf etixx
  • Quantity: 1
Hello.I need a Knauf etixx styrofoam quote today.Facade 0.031. 20cm.The amount of 40 m3.Possibly another graphite polystyrene.Delivery beginning October 514556598


  • Quantity: 1


  • Quantity: 1
SHEET METAL SCREW DIN6928 TYPE C, ST 2.7 X 13, ZINC PLATED DIN 6928 type C galvanized Demand for 2021: IX- 528 X - around 1200 XI - around 1300 XII - around 1000

Standard styrofoam floor, thickness 6 cm

  • Product: Styrofoam floor, standard load, thickness 6 cm
  • Quantity: 25
polystyrene under the spout 2 layers 6cm, single-family house

Reinforcing steel (ribbed) e.g.B500B

  • Product: Reinforcing steel B500B
  • Quantity: 3000
  • Reinforcing steel B500B: at 12 mm x 3000 m
  • Reinforcing steel B500B: at 6 mm x 800 m
certificate of quality and mechanical properties (if required by the building authority)
Bars supplied in lengths of 6 m.Type B500B is not a condition Place of unloading - Frýdek-Místek, the exact address will be stated Deadline October 2021, otherwise by agreement

100x Makita HP488DWE

  • Product: Makita HP488DWE
  • Quantity: 100
I am looking for 100x Makita HP488DWE

100x Makita DF488DWE

  • Product: Makita DF488DWE
  • Quantity: 100
I am looking for offers for 100x Makita DF488DWE

100x Makita DMR110

  • Product: Makita DMR110
  • Quantity: 100
I am looking for 100x Makita DMR110

200x Makita DDF453RFE

  • Product: Makita DDF453RFE
  • Quantity: 200
I am looking for 200x Makita DDF453RFE.

500x Makita HP333DSAP1

  • Product: Makita HP333DSAP1
  • Quantity: 500
I am looking for offer for 500x Makita HP333DSAP1. Possible smaller quantity if available.


  • Product: fasteners
  • Quantity: 20
1 Threaded rod.M12x1000 A193 B7 20 PCS 2. Thread rod.M16x1000 A193 B7 DIN 976 20 PCS

Birch packaging plywood 1525x1525 WHOLE TRUCK

  • Quantity: 1
I am looking for Birch packaging plywood in the format 1525x1525 C / C 0.8mm 20 packages x 54 boards 12mm 7 packages x 36 boards 21mm 7 packages x 20 boards Place of delivery former Areál RWE KS Hostim

welding coverall

  • Product: welding coverall
  • Quantity: 3
i need coverall for welders, basic protection, s, m, l, xl, xxl max price 25,00 euros