About merXu
What is merXu and how can it help me in my business?
In which countries does merXu operate?
Who can use merXu - who can buy and sell?
Who can see the details of the offer?
MerXu account
How to set up a merXu account - step by step
Who is the Account Administrator?
Can I give my employees access to my account?
What scope of permissions can I set for my employees?
How to set up your address book?
What is IBAN?
Buy on merXu
What parameters should I use to search for a product on merXu?
How to buy on merXu?
How does shipping to multiple addresses work?
How does quick order work?
How does the “Request a quote” option work?
Can I have products from many Sellers in my shopping cart?
Sell on merXu
Sell on merXu
What can I sell on merXu?
How do I integrate my product catalogue with merXu?
How to create a clear and coherent description for products imported using a .CSV file?
Can I set a different price depending on the number of purchased products?
Can I set a special price valid during a specific time?
BUYER: Where can I find invoices for my orders?
SELLER: How to issue invoices?
Request a quote
How does the “Request a quote” option work?
I don't want to receive requests for quotations. How do I turn it off?
International sales
In which countries will my offer be visible?
How are the offers translated?
Can I put up the same offer in several languages and currencies?
I want to manage the countries I will trade with. How to do it?
How does price estimation in other currencies work?
How much does it cost to use merXu?