About merXu
What is merXu and how can it help me in my business?
In which countries does merXu operate?
Who can use merXu - who can buy and sell?
MerXu account
How to set up a merXu account - step by step
Can I give my employees access to my account?
What is IBAN?
Buy on merXu
What parameters should I use to search for a product on merXu?
How does the “Make an order” option work?
Sell on merXu
Sell on merXu
What can I sell on merXu?
How do I integrate my product catalogue with merXu?
Can I set a different price depending on the number of products I sell?
Can I set a special price for a specific time?
How to activate the sale via secured verification transfer
Where can I find invoices for my orders?
International sales
In which countries will my offer be visible?
How are offers translated?
I want to manage the countries I will trade with. How to do it?
How does price estimation in other currencies work?
How much does it cost to use merXu?
merXu messenger
What is the messenger for?
How to use the messenger?
What if a client from another MerXu country, whose language I do not know, writes to me?
How often should I check my messages?