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Self-clinching nuts, self-clinching studs and standoffs

  • Product: Self-clinching nuts, self-clinching studs and standoffs
  • Quantity: 33000
Nut S-M4-1-ZI (or S-M4-2-ZI) - 9000 pcs.Nut S-M5-1-ZI (or S-M5-2-ZI) - 6000 pcs.Nut S-M3-1-ZI (or S-M3-2-ZI) - 2000 pcs. Nut S-M6-1-ZI (or S-M6-2-ZI) - 2000 pcs.Stud FH-M4-8ZI - 4000 pcs.Standoff SO-M3-10ZI - 2000 pcs.Standoff SO-M4-10ZI - 8000 pcs.

YTONG FORTE 240x599x199mm

  • Product: ytong 240
  • Quantity: 96
yton 240 x 199 x 599, high compressive strength, high fire resistance on the perimeter load-bearing masonry

YTONG FORTE 300x599x199mm

  • Product: ytong 300
  • Quantity: 920
ytong300 x 199 x 599, high compressive strength, high fire resistance on perimeter load-bearing masonry

need - DEWALT DCF887N or DCF887N screwdriver

  • Product: cordless drill DEWALT DCF887N or DCF887NT
  • Quantity: 3
purchase on a VAT INVOICE

Pizza box

  • Product: Pizza box
  • Quantity: 60000
Pizza box with your own print. 60,000 pcs per year. Long-term cooperation. Description: The most important factors are the price and quality of the box. We have already tried many types of boxes (approx. 30) and few of them suit us. The boxes are soaked and soaked after only a few minutes.We want to avoid that. We have the best experience with corrugated cardboard.Microwave or E-wave Before placing an order, we require a sample test box.(It can be without printing) We want the printing of the box to be as cheap as possible.Number of colors, etc. we will evaluate it only according to price offers. But probably only a brown / brown box with a print only on the lid in black. District Jindřichův Hradec Date: Not important Additional information: Box size 30x30x3 to 33x33x3 (according to price ) Transport by agreement If it is possible to supply additional goods such as boxes for mini pizza or, conversely, 50x50 for maxi pizza, we will be happy to welcome you. There would also be interest in plastic food packaging.(Foam boxes for pasta, plastic boxes for salads, etc.)

Park bench with backrest

  • Product: Park bench
  • Quantity: 20
The material of the supporting structure is an aluminum alloy Seat made of wooden slats (color not defined) < p> Length approx. 1800 mm

Schneider Electric Asfora components

  • Quantity: 30
Products on demand: (aluminum Schneider Electric Asfora): - EPH2800161 16pcs - EPH9810261 9pcs - EPH4900161 1pc - EPH3200261 2pcs - EPH5800261 2pcs If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact me. I would appreciate if you could answer as soon as possible.

We are looking for Polypropylene TOTAL PPC4660 (PPC 4640) or Moplen EP 300K BG25HT

  • Quantity: 1
Our need for the requested product is immediate, or its delivery is preferably within 1 week.

Blind flanges

  • Quantity: 77
1.Flanges marked with size, class and heat number 2.Material certificate 3.1 (strength properties and chemical composition) POZ. 1-11 per ANSI B16.5 URGENT DELIVERY. Description Quantity Blind flange 3/4 "300RF A105 10 pcs. Blind flange 1 "150RF A105 10 pcs. Blind flange 1 "300RF A105 10 pcs. Blind flange 1 1/2 "300RF A105 10 pcs. Blind flange 2 "300RF A105 10 pcs. Blind flange 2 1/2 "300RF A105 5 pcs. Blind flange 3 "300RF A105 10 pcs. Blind flange 4 "300RF A105 5 pcs. Blind flange 2 "150RF SUS304 2 pcs. Blind flange 3 "150RF SUS304 2 pcs. Blanking flange 8 "150RF A105 1 Blanking flange special mat.A105 (as shown) 2 pcs.

Wooden beams

  • Product: Spruce wooden beams
  • Quantity: 10
I am looking for spruce beams 15x15cm in various lengths

Terrace tiles Margita MA 105, 30 x 30 x 2.4 cm red 45 pieces

  • Quantity: 1
I don't need certificates.

Termoton bricks

  • Quantity: 60
Quantity from 60m2 and more, depends on the specific offer.I would also like TERMOton P + W 11.5 about 15 square meters.

pipes, steel profiles

  • Quantity: 1
2nd grade steel pipes: fi 42.4x2mm, fi 42.4x2.9-3.0mm, fi 48.3x2.7-3.0mm, fi 38.1x2mm possibly the same in the first genre. closed steel and first grade galvanized profiles: 80x80x2mm, 80x80x3mm, 100x100x4mm, 60x40x2mm, 40x40x2mm, 60x60x2mm quantity depends on the price. I will compare with what is in Poland and we can order then.

Bath recessed in the right corner of Laufen Kartell

  • Product: Laufen Kartell, bathtub 170x86 cm recessed right corner
  • Quantity: 1
  • EAN: 7612738299446
Bath recessed in the right corner, Laufen Kartell, 170x86 cm, white

Steico products

  • Product: Steico
  • Quantity: 1
I am searching for: Steico Protect 60, 8 pallets Steico Protect 40, 9 pallets Steico Floor 40, 7 pallets > Steico Flex 40, 3 pallets Steico Flex 50, 1 pallet Steico Flex 100, 2 pallets Steico Flex 140, 5 pallets < / p> Steico Flex 160, 9 pallets

Construction under solar panels

  • Quantity: 1
I am looking for 56 pcs of holders 890051Z for folded sheet metal, 14 pcs of aluminum profiles PAL40H40 (or similar) 4,4 m, 42 pcs of central holders sol. panels 35mm, 28 pcs of side holders sol. panels 35mm, solar cable with double insulation 1x6mm2 red 10m, solar cable with double insulation 1x6mm2 black 10m 8pcs MC4 connectors complete for cable 6 mm2 < / p> Please offer a price. Thank you, Košťák.

stretch film 400mmx250m 17 Micron, 500mmx250m 23 Micron

  • Product: stretch film 400mmx250m 17 Micron
  • Quantity: 1000
Quantity 1 container

UNM STS 660-10-270 compressor

  • Quantity: 1
UNM STS 660-10-270 Compressor


  • Quantity: 1
Compressed air dryer DK SMART 600

Steel round bars

  • Quantity: 1000
I am looking for steel round bars diameter 22 mm, cold drawn (H11 or H9), material 16MnCrS5 (ČSN 14220), quantity approx. 1000 kg

I am looking for a shower cabin Rea Diamond Black with a corner, 90x90 cm

  • Product: Row Diamond Black corner shower enclosure 90x90 cm
  • Quantity: 1
I would like to buy a Rea Diamond shower enclosure, black corner, dimensions 90x90 cm.


  • Product: Kenametall
  • Quantity: 1
We need this drill and plate

Versace Nero Marble tile, Versace listel

  • Quantity: 63
Listela Versace Marble Nero 240203 - 42pcs Tile Versace Marble Nero 240013 - 63m2


  • Quantity: 1
Lathe sv 18 Lathe sn 32 Lathe Stanko K16