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Disposable tableware

  • Product: Disposable tableware
  • Quantity: 200
We will buy disposable tableware (plates, cups) and cutlery, preferably made of ecological materials.


  • Quantity: 200
Hello, we would like to buy small boxes for packing company gadgets - dimensions 30x125 mm.Is it possible to make such dimensions?

Advertising gadgets

  • Quantity: 100
We would be interested in buying company gadgets such as mugs, bags, lanyards.Is logo printing possible?Please estimate 50, 100, 200 pieces.

Soap dispensers

  • Product: Soap dispensers
  • Quantity: 2
We will buy soap dispensers, preferably automatic - responsive to movement.Please bid

Lawn mower starter FZR 4618 BV

  • Product: FIELDMANN
  • Quantity: 480

Festool accessories

  • Quantity: 1
I am asking for an offer in reference to the conversation.Greetings.

Shipping boxes 64x38x19

  • Product: Cardboard 64x38x19
  • Quantity: 100
Hello, we are looking for a supplier of 64x38x19 cartons


  • Quantity: 1
Hello, please give me an offer in relation to the conversation. Regards.

query for wires

  • Quantity: 1
Hello, I'm looking for ydyp 3x1.5 and 3x2.5 cables, 4 km each.

Roof hatch Velux GVT103 00597 (54x83)

  • Product: Roof hatch Velux GVT103 00597 (54x83)
  • Quantity: 1
Roof hatch Velux GVT103 00597 (54x83)


  • Product: CABLE YAKXS 1X95
  • Quantity: 180

YKXS 1x25, YKY 1x25, YKXS 5x25,

  • Product: YKY 5x25 cable
  • Quantity: 46
I need YKXS 1x25 or YKY 1x25 - 230m or YKXS 5x25 - 46m quickly

cobalt drill bit for welds / splices 8mm, HSS-Co Alpen [0033000800100]

  • Product: cobalt drill bit for welds / splices 8mm, HSS-Co Alpen [0033000800100]
  • Quantity: 10
Hello, I would like to inform you about the availability and pricing of drill bits for drilling welds.I will mention that in the current warehouse they cost about PLN 34.00 gross

Welding blanket 2x1m temperature 1100 ° C 0.6mm WBSIL-926

  • Product: Welding blanket 2x1m temperature 1100 ° C 0.6mm WBSIL-926
  • Quantity: 1
Hello, I am writing to you with a question about the availability and price quote for a welding blanket, I am interested that the working temperature should not be less than 1100sc, so that the dimensions of the product will not be less than 2x1m.

PSG gas box

  • Quantity: 1
Hello I am looking for PSG compliant gas boxes. The conditions to be met by the boxes are in the appendix. Feel free to cooperate

1 truck - cement 42.5 including transport

  • Quantity: 1
I am looking for cement 32.5 or 42.5 - truck including transport.Own unloading.Destination Dešov - 675 33

Graco GX21 painting unit for sale

  • Product: Graco GX21 painting unit
  • Quantity: 1

couch pull-out sofa

  • Quantity: 1
we are looking for a fold-out sofa, so that when unfolded there is a comfortable bed to sleep on.We need 1 pc for our guesthouse.It should be aesthetic, durable and cheap - PLN 400-700 net

Adapter 230/12 V

  • Quantity: 9
Adapter from portable cooling box to Mercedes Benz Vito and Sprinter vehicles.In total, it would be 9 pieces.

We will provide production services.

  • Product: Confection
  • Quantity: 1
The scope of services we provide: Confection of products according to customer needs. Confectioning of electric wires - cutting and earning plugs. Arming of control switchboards. Making cable connections based on the documentation provided. Mechanical assembly of components according to the technical documentation. Production and assembly of cable harnesses.

Polyurethane waterproofing coating for roofs

  • Product: ENKOPUR
  • Quantity: 300
I prefer the manufacturer ENKE and the product ENKOPUR + accessories.PRIMER + TEXTIL

3 d fence sections

  • Product: 3 d plot
  • Quantity: 13
I am looking for 13 pieces of fence panels, silver, galvanized variant, 1530 height 2500 mm long, wire thickness 4 mm, without connecting material and post

Insulated screwdrivers

  • Quantity: 4
We would like to purchase several sets of insulated screwdrivers.

Cartons for shipping

  • Quantity: 10
We will buy cardboard boxes for shipping, solid, with a double bottom.Please give us a quote.