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Purchase of the osb3 board

  • Product: OSB3 boards
  • Quantity: 1000
I will buy osb3 CDs

I am looking for PP-C plastic pool boards

  • Quantity: 1
I am looking for regular purchases of plastic PP-C boards for the production of swimming pools.


  • Quantity: 1
Aventos HKXS 15 with Tip on Aventos HKXS 15


  • Quantity: 1

Steel cupboard

  • Quantity: 1
I am looking for a supplier of powder coated steel, aluminum or stainless steel wardrobes.

Furniture handle

  • Quantity: 1
Black CAMPANA L-128 handle

Caliper LIMIT 19014-0202

  • Product: Caliper LIMIT 19014-0202
  • Quantity: 10
I am looking for electronic calipers from LIMIT 19014-0202

Mixer MK-165 / BK ALTRAD

  • Product: Mixer MK-165 / BK ALTRAD
  • Quantity: 1
Price per product, including transport to SKK.

blum guides

  • Quantity: 1
BLUM LEGRABOX 300/86 low gray

NOMET furniture handle

  • Quantity: 50
Furniture handle NOMET CAMPANA C-5824 L-128 black-50 pcs Furniture handle NOMET CAMPANA C-5821 L-32 black-5 pcs

Makita cordless reciprocating saw

  • Quantity: 1
What kind of batteries is it available with? Are there 18V 6.0A?

Stanley compressor

  • Product: Stanley Fatmax Twin Piston Oil Compressor 24L V2
  • Quantity: 1
Stanley Fatmax 24L V2 Twin Piston Oil Compressor

Electric clamp meter.

  • Quantity: 1
Electrical meter with clamp measurement.

Filters for air conditioners

  • Quantity: 1
Filter list by attachment

Closed profile

  • Product: Steel 255
  • Quantity: 1
Hello, I am looking for materials for steel closed profiles of the first grade with the following dimensions: 120/60/4 - 6 pieces, 6 m each 80/80/3 - 4 pieces, 6 m each m 60/40 / 2- 20 pieces, 6m each 80/20 / 1.5 or 80/20/2 - 100 pieces, 6m each 40/20/2 - 10 pcs, 6 m each 40/40/2 - 15 pcs, 6 m each 20/20/2 - 15 pcs, 6 m each < p> Gate profiles 80/80/5 - 6 rm (one section) 2 pcs Gate profiles 80/80/5 - 7 rm (one section) 2 pcs Gate profiles 80/80/5 - 9 rm (in one section) 2 pcs.

stabilizing material for wood stabilization - acrylic

  • Quantity: 100
stabilizing material for wood stabilization - acrylic.After polymerization, it should be brought into contact with food and drinking water

Makita, Metabo, Bosch, Hitachi and Dewalt power tools

  • Quantity: 100
We are looking for wholesale suppliers of brand power tools like Makita, Metabo, Bosch, Hitachi, and Dewalt.Please contact us if you are able to export in wholesale quantities.


  • Quantity: 1000
I am looking for a regular supplier of waterproof foiled plywood th. 6mm, 21mm, 24mm, 25mm.Plywood will serve as the main construction board for the floors of our prefabricated houses.They do not have to be non-slip.

Crystal or glass cubes for inside 3D laser engraving.

  • Quantity: 1
Hello!I'm interested in blank crystal cubes.Also can offer blank glass cubes about 30-50 mm thick material.In some places crystal called like K9 crystal.Good cube size about 60x60x90 mm.This cubes we needed regulary for inside engraving purposes.First order will be about 100 cubes or more


  • Quantity: 1
- Festool tools Vertex / Carvex / 1pcs - formatting saw with pre-cut for laminate 1pc - Cordless drill DRC 18/4 1pc - Sistainers (may also be the original manufacturer Tanos) - more types