Pizza and kebab

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Pizza and kebab

Equip your dining establishment with the highest quality equipment. Bet on stainless steel furniture, thanks to which you will gain a lot of work space. In the wide HoReCa offer you will also find equipment necessary to run a restaurant, bar, canteen, as well as useful at gas stations and for food trucks. Equip your place with a pizza oven and kebab grill and serve the best dishes. Each entrepreneur can order the necessary accessories in one place - just create an account on the platform. Choose a convenient type of shopping, thanks to which you will provide your gastronomic points with the necessary equipment.

Pizza oven - a way to make delicious Italian food

Stand out from the competition with the best dishes in the area. Choose a high-quality pizza oven that will increase the attractiveness of your premises. Choose a single or two-chamber device that allows you to bake up to eight pizzas at the same time. You will install them on a special stainless steel base. You will also need a container for storing the dough, an electric sheeter and baking sheets of various diameters. To remove a hot dish you will need a pizza shovel (aluminum or wooden), and to cut the dough - pizza knob. If you run premises with the option of delivery to the customer, it is necessary to purchase a heat-insulating container with a tightly fitting lid. In the case of serving dishes on site, you will need boards and pizza plates. Equip the kitchen with stainless steel furniture that will create a work space for chefs. The cooling table will provide the right conditions for the preparation of dishes. A brush with brass bristles will be useful to keep the oven clean. Choose the best solutions for your gastronomic establishment.

Kebab maker - expand your business

If you want to expand the offer of your gastronomic establishment, you've come to the right place. In our offer you will find everything you need to run restaurants, bars and food trucks. Bet on high-quality equipment from the best manufacturers. Equip your premises with a kebab grill electric or gas, which will allow you to serve this very popular dish. Some sandwich makers also allow you to prepare delicious grilled vegetables. In order to properly prepare the meat, it must be stuffed with special needles. You will need a kebab knife to cut it into characteristic pieces. You can choose simple, manual or electric, which will speed up and streamline your work. You can pick up the meat thanks to a special scoop.

When running a restaurant, you should constantly develop and expand your menu. The kebab toaster will allow you to easily introduce a new dish. Take care of your business and order the best quality equipment at an attractive price.

Pizza plates and other necessary accessories

Catering establishments cannot operate without the necessary devices such as stoves, cookers and coolers. Useful equipment is also a fryer or a kebab toaster. Restaurants, bars and canteens should also be equipped with useful accessories. When running a restaurant serving Italian cuisine, remember that fresh products and food preparation on an ongoing basis are especially valued. Stock up on sheets, boards and pizza plates. The grid will guarantee even baking of the dough. Adjust its diameter to the size of the served dish. You can also choose a stone. You will need a pizza shovel to operate the oven and a pizza knife to cut the dough.

Buy a toaster and a kebab knife for your restaurant, thanks to which you will expand your offer with perfectly prepared meat. To transport ready-made meals, it is worth having a transporter, thanks to which you will maintain the right temperature of the dish.

In the other HoReCa categories you will find other necessary furniture and devices for running a restaurant. Stock up on efficient refrigerators and stoves. Appropriate organization will be ensured by stainless steel furniture, and kitchen utensils will allow you to equip restaurants or hotels with accessories appropriate to the industry. Choose a convenient form of shopping and order everything in one place.