Explain to the client how photovoltaics work

Until recently, investing in renewable energy was considered very expensive. Today, more and more people are interested in photovoltaics. What might be important for customers willing to purchase it?

Photovoltaics - a way to use renewable energy

Photovoltaics, or more precisely solar panels, is an installation placed on the roof of a building or on the ground.

Its task is to convert sunlight into electrical energy. In this way, renewable energy is used, significantly reducing electricity bills in homes or businesses. Since electricity is much cheaper, it is worth using it not only for running household appliances or specialized machines but also for heating - both rooms and domestic hot water. Although the benefits of such a solution are obvious, many potential customers still cannot be convinced to use photovoltaics as a way to heat their homes. What can convince them?

Renewable energy in use. How does photovoltaics work?

Although photovoltaics are becoming more and more popular, many people, even those interested in installing them, still do not know how photovoltaics work.

It is worth spending a few moments explaining this issue to the client. It is important to use simple language and remember that some concepts may be incomprehensible to a layperson. How to briefly describe the operation of photovoltaics?

The basic element of the installation is photovoltaic cells, combined into modules. The photovoltaic effect occurs in the cells, thanks to which renewable energy, coming from the sun, is converted into direct current. A photovoltaic cell is a system built of a semiconductor material that conducts an electric charge as a result of the action of external factors. A group of modules that power one inverter make up a photovoltaic panel. The supporting structure allows the panels to be mounted on the ground or on the roof of a building, ensuring the stability of the installation at the same time. The current generated in the modules is transferred to the inverter. It converts it into alternating current, which, thanks to the appropriate parameters, can be used in the home.

The inverter also controls the operation of the installation. It checks and adjusts the parameters of the current generated from renewable energy. If everything goes according to plan, the current goes to the sockets. This scheme, described in a few sentences, will give customers confidence that they know what they are buying.

The biggest advantages of using photovoltaics

In addition to the mode of operation, it is worth presenting the benefits of installing panels to interested parties.

It is important that they feel that we are acting in their best interest, and our solution is what they need. Photovoltaics are often associated with an expensive investment, which will eventually pay off, but only a few can afford it. Property owners, terrified by the prospect of a potential loan, are afraid of costs. As a result, they do not decide to use renewable energy in the form of photovoltaics. Meanwhile, it turns out that over the years, the prices of the panels themselves and their installation are decreasing. Taking into account the chance of obtaining subsidies for the establishment of photovoltaics, we can talk about a return on investment in 5 to 10 years. Observing the rising electricity bills, it is easy to see that this investment is really profitable, especially since the surplus energy can be sold. Using renewable energy is profitable not only for individual customers. 

Companies that decide to install photovoltaics can also count on subsidies and expect lower building operating costs. 

What else, besides the price, speaks in favor of this solution?

1. Environmental protection - renewable energy, which begins to be used with the installation of photovoltaics, is a great alternative to fossil fuels such as coal or gas. Customers who want to live in harmony with ecology by using renewable energy should think about photovoltaic panels not only in terms of savings. It is a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

2. Independence - by using renewable energy, the client has a chance to become independent of electricity prices because they use what they have produced themselves. Moreover, any surplus can be sold to the grid.

3. Higher property value - it is also worth mentioning to the client that when they decide to use renewable energy by installing photovoltaics, the value of their property will automatically increase. This is important in the context of a possible sale of the property in the future. Appraisers will certainly pay attention to this.

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