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Access to a wide range of renewable energy products from verified suppliers throughout the European Union

Possibility to request quotes from many sellers when you need a product not available in the current offer

Internal messenger translating conversations with foreign suppliers in real time

Professional assistance in logistics, legal and financial matters

Securing your payment until delivery!

With merXu Protected Payments, your funds are held securely until you confirm receipt of your ordered goods, providing an extra layer of security for your transactions. 

This functionality provides a secure, convenient, and free payment method for your purchases on merXu

Experience the future of B2B payments with merXu Protected Payments.

Details can be found in Terms and Conditions and in the merXu Academy.

One trusted marketplace, many secure online payment methods

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Discover how easy is using merXu's company-only shopping platform. Buy all you need for your business, among millions of professional products. Chat with the sellers and negotiate the prices. The way you like, from where you want, most comfortable.

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Take advantage of all the possibilities of the European e-platform by making company purchases from verified suppliers from all over the European Union


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of B2B international transactions


Registered sellers from all over the European Union countries

How to join merXu?

It's time to grow your business. It's time for company purchases from all over the European Union.


Fill out the registration form


Click the activation link you will receive in the email


Set a password for your merXu company account


Wait about 20 minutes for the verification email


Refresh the merXu website or log out and log back in


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See what other European companies that have achieved success on merXu say

„I have purchased monthly from merXu B2B platform and I have been satisfied both with the quality of the products and with the engagement of the staff, the promptness of the staff, the answers I received to any question related to the products I ordered.We were also delighted to discover that we can also benefit from promotions following each purchase we made.I highly recommend merXu B2B platform and I will definitely use the platform in the future for buying products.”

Valean Zaharie-Nicu – Soc.Instal-Complet Srl

„Thanks to merXu, we were able to find specific suppliers and provide commissioned buildings with the necessary equipment. The platform is a great facilitation of contacts between companies. Also important for us was the assistance of merXu's account managers in the logistics and transportation.”

Adam Pianka – CEO of Celmax Ltd.

„The merXu platform changed our business, it gave us the access to a wide assortment of products and  suppliers for all of Europe, suppliers that we could have never found otherwise. The fact that the merXu platform helped us communicate, regardless of the language each of us speaks and it guaranteed each transaction, made acquisitions from foreign countries very easy, without risks. We have also been delighted with both the support we have received from the merXu team and the promotions we have benefited from following each purchase we have made. 100% of us make monthly purchases on the merXu platform, as this way we benefit from a wide range of offers at very affordable prices.”

Berar Septimiu – Administrator of VELOPRO