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Inverter HUAWEI SUN2000-10KTL-M1HC 10kw M1

Inverter HUAWEI SUN2000-10KTL-M1HC 10kw M1

€1,320.00 +VAT
1 pc.
€1,320.00 +VAT
1 ×
€1,320.00 +VAT
(1 pc.)

Huawei SUN2000-10KTL-M1 inverter is the world's best household inverter today - winner of the Inter Solar Award in 2019

Best performance , highest level of safety, ultra-quiet operation and compact size.It is these features that make it an unsurpassed model in its category.

Ultimate efficiency - more power from the installation

The best materials, exemplary workmanship and advanced digital efficiency control algorithms make Huawei inverters achieve efficiency at the level of >98,5%, which makes them the unsurpassed leader in the category.Thanks to this, you have more power from the installation and less heat losses, which translates into greater savings and a higher level of safety.


Auto shutdown in 2 seconds, AI-assisted arcing detection and best-in-class power tolerance parameters ensure safety setting market standards.

Work as quiet as in a reading room

Huawei has 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry in cooling high-performance micro-electronic devices with heat sinks no fans or moving parts.The use of analogous solutions in inverters has resulted in devices whose noise level does not exceed 29dB - this is the acceptable standard for reading rooms and libraries.There are no quieter inverters than Huawei.

Lowest failure rate

Huawei is the most reliable inverters in the market with a failure rate of <0,2%.Huawei set the benchmark for failure-free performance for the category.As a result, the probability that you will benefit from our 10-letniej guarantee is less than 1 to 500.

Energy storage ready

Huawei inverters are ready for hybrid operation and ready for energy storage.Thanks to this, if in the future you want to store electricity instead of sending it to the power plant, your installation will be ready for it.

Easy to assemble and connect without tools

Thanks to the quick connectors, installing the Huawei inverter on the wall is child's play and eliminates the risk of electric shock.Installation does not require opening the device and can be easily handled by one person, and thanks to standardized wiring, connecting the wires takes less than 10 seconds and does not require the use of tools. 0% chance of incorrect device installation.

Low Weight

Huawei patented solutions enable the use of magnets and coolers with smaller dimensions and lower weight.Thanks to this, Huawei Inverter SUN2000-KTL weighs only 18 kg.One person is enough to install it on the wall.

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