Windshield wipers and washers

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Wipers and washers

Good visibility on the road is ensured not only by sunny weather conditions, but also by clean windows in the car. A mandatory element of the equipment are wipers, which are placed both on the windshield and on the rear. Choosing the right type depends on the vehicle model. In this category you will find many models of wiper blades and arms that you can successfully install in your car. In the offers of reputable manufacturers you will find products at attractive prices. Check all auctions and place an order now!

Wiper elements

Car windshield wipers consist of several components, such as blades, wiper arms, nozzles, hydraulic hoses, motor, pump and fluid reservoir. You can find individual products in this category. If you are looking for the highest quality wipers or components, you will successfully find those that will be compatible with your car model. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the entire system, it is necessary that all its elements work properly. If one of them is waiting for an exchange, it is worth placing an order as soon as possible and waiting for the courier to deliver the package - after all, it is about the safety of all passengers.

Types of wipers in cars

In order to adequately characterize the entire glass cleaning system, it should be divided into specific parts. Feathers are the element responsible for collecting dirt. Wipers due to this element can be divided into two types - articulated and non-articulated. The first of them are a traditional solution used in many popular car models. They operate on the basis of a rack connected to the working part. In the case of the second solution, also available in our offer, we deal with massive blades without additional elements. They are mounted directly on the wiper frame. In this way, the use of unnecessary parts is reduced and a more solid pressure to the glass is provided. This solution is also characterized by a better quality of pollution removal.

The blades are mounted on a properly profiled wiper frame, which is made of light and durable materials. Wipers work efficiently only when these elements retain their geometry. Feathers deteriorate, so remember to replace them regularly. Manufacturers also recommend that you regularly check the condition of the wiper arms and replace them periodically. The best parts needed to keep the windows clean and at the same time ensure the safety of every person in the vehicle are available on our website - check individual auctions and find the perfect replacements for your vehicle.


In this category you will also find sprinklers that will keep the front and rear windows clean. Efficient and efficient nozzles guarantee the possibility of using the cleaning function in all conditions. Sprinklers are sensitive to weather conditions and internal pollution, so it is best to use a dedicated fluid adapted to the temperature outside the vehicle. The system, which are referred to as washers, also includes a fluid reservoir, a pump, a fluid level sensor, and appropriate hoses. In this category you will find all the necessary products that will ensure not only the efficient operation of the sprinklers, but also the quick removal of the problem in the event of failure of old components.

Sprinklers can become clogged with accumulated dirt and thus reduce the pressure of the fluid delivered to the windshield. If this condition persists for a long time, it may crack the hydraulic lines and damage the motor that drives the pump, so it is worth checking their condition regularly. Any irregularities will be signalled by the car by illuminating the appropriate indicator.

It is worth taking care of road safety. Thanks to efficient wipers and well-chosen washers, you can guarantee yourself adequate visibility. The products available in this category come from proven and respected producers, therefore they ensure the highest quality of work. Also check the other categories and see if you need to replace other accessories.