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Canis Pants for welders MOFOS Size: 50

Canis Pants for welders MOFOS Size: 50

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€18.35 +VAT
CZK 452.98
  • Determination: Men's
  • Weight: 390 g / m2
  • Advice: Work clothes
  • Size: 50
  • Material composition: 100% cotton with a permanent non-flammable finish
  • EAN: 8591940006075
  • Manufacturer: Canis
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On our platform, you will primarily find welding tools that enable electric welding. This method involves melting the parts to be joined using an electric arc. The main tool that helps to realize welding is a well-chosen welding machine. Electrical welding is divided into several types - the most common methods of welding is welding with coated electrodes, shielded arc welding or gas shielded welding (MIG/MAG/TIG or cored wire). In this category, you will find models that will help you to carry out any of these welding methods - you can choose the right welding tools according to the parameters specific to your industry.

Welding wire and coated electrodes

On our platform, you will find quality welding tools such as welding wires and covered electrodes that enable you to make smooth and durable welds. When choosing the right welding wire, pay attention to what material it is made of, as its thickness depends on this parameter. The thicker the material to be welded, the thicker the wire should be. You will find a large selection of such accessories in our offer - you can also choose between welding wire on a spool or in barrels.

In addition to welding wire, welding electrodes are made from metal cores and covered with sheaths. They come in different lengths and diameters to suit the specific tasks you perform in your industry. In this category you will also find rutile, cellulose, acid, alkaline and special electrodes. With a large selection to choose from, you can find the right electrode for your application.

Welding Tools - Welders & Semi-Automatics

Semi-automatic welding machines are commonly known as mig welding machines - these advanced machines enable MIG/MAT welding with active or inert gas shielding. Thanks to them it is possible to weld metals and aluminium in various positions while maintaining high productivity. In this category, you will also find specialist inverter welders, which can perform MMA or TIG welding, as well as inverter migs for MIG/MAG methods and transformer welders for MMA and MIG/MAT welding.

When choosing a welding equipment, pay attention to its amperage, which determines the power with which the current will be supplied to the welder - the higher it is, the more efficient the device will be. You should also remember to connect the device to the appropriate power network - welding machines up to 200A are connected to 230V, while more powerful models up to 250A require connection to a three-phase 400V network. The duty cycle is also an important parameter - it is determined for a 10-minute period and divided into two sections: the maximum time the machine works under a given load and the time it cools down. So if the duty cycle of the welder is 60%, you can weld for 6 minutes, and the remaining 4 should remain at rest. Pay attention to both of these things when choosing the right welding machine for your needs - you will find various models in this category.

Accessories & Personal Protective Equipment

The work of a welder is usually carried out in harsh conditions - the worker is exposed not only to high temperatures but also to metal filings that can damage the body or eyes if not properly protected. It is therefore necessary to equip the workshop with appropriate welding masks, visors and protective goggles as well as gloves and aprons made of durable materials that protect against heat and mechanical injuries. You will find the necessary accessories to ensure safe welding on our platform.

In this category you will also find welding accessories such as hammers, pliers and clamps, which are the basic equipment of every workshop. You should also stock up on high-pressure nozzles, coolant hoses and hose adapters. You'll find high-quality welding accessories here - check out the specifics of the products available and choose the right ones for your business.