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Turning Tools

In this category, you will find high quality turning tools from reputable manufacturers, which you can select according to your industry-specific parameters. Order your turning tools through our website and improve the work in your factory or plant.

Basic turning tools

Basic turning tools, such as universal lathes, are sizable pieces of equipment that are put up in large workplaces - they are mainly used for industrial applications. They are used for metal products and thread cutting. Lathes can be divided into centre, chuck, disc, carousel, turret, as well as semi-automatic lathes, automatic lathes and staggers.

Claw lathes are used to machine workpieces that are at least six times longer than their diameter. The workpiece is placed between the spindle and the centre (a horizontal, cone-shaped piece that allows free rotation). Claw lathes can also be divided into several types - depending on the profession, a different variant will be necessary. In turn, in the watchmaking, precision or optical industry, table lathes will prove useful. These devices are capable of machining items weighing up to 60 tons. Among the lathes you can also find copying machines - their task is to give the desired shape according to the pattern. Each machine is equipped with special turning knives, which deal with the treatment of the surface, but over time can be destroyed by use. In this category you will find basic turning tools, thanks to which you can replace worn out elements with adapted to difficult conditions and additionally strengthened new replacements.

Lathe Tools

The main lathe tool is the turning lathe knives. They can be made of HSS steel with a brazed-in carbide insert that acts as a blade, or in folding knives with a separate shank and cutting insert. HSS lathe knives are most commonly used for machining steel, cast iron and soft brass. They have a high wear resistance, thus guaranteeing work efficiency. These types of turning tools can be used under heavy loads, which is why they are recommended for industrial enterprises and factories. High speed steel also allows you to make more complex shapes without damaging the material. On the other hand, turning knives with a brazed insert are a cheaper substitute for steel components. They are less durable, so it is recommended to use them for not very hard materials. There are many types of lathe knives, so when choosing you should pay attention to the materials from which these turning tools are made and their primary use.

Accessories and interchangeable parts

Basic lathe tools are subject to wear and tear as a result of everyday use, so it is worth betting on good quality products that will ensure long-lasting continuity - you will find the necessary components on our portal. In this category, you will find knurling rollers, spanners, replaceable turning inserts and chucks. The Turning tools, which you will find here, were created by reputable manufacturers, therefore you can be sure of their high class workmanship, which will translate into a long time of their use.

In this category you will also find many models of knurling rollers, which will allow for proper processing of the material. These elements are made of steel, so they are extremely durable. You can choose such turning tools according to the parameters - the specifics of the products can be found on the individual product pages. We also offer four-jaw lathe chucks made of steel for lathes, rotary tables and indexers, where high clamping forces, low radial runout and repeatability are required. These basic lathe tools are sure to come in handy during the daily operations of your shop. So if you're looking for strong and durable components, bet on the turning tools you'll find on our site - bet on high quality products, and take a look at the other categories to find complete equipment for your workplace.