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Transformer Welder

If you're looking for equipment to suit your needs, you're sure to find it in this category. On our portal, you will find high-end transformer welders that will allow you to perform high-quality welds. Experienced professionals and multi-trade enterprises specialising in locksmith products should choose this type of device - it allows welding with covered electrodes in the MMA technology.

Transformer welding machine, although characterized by a large weight and size, has many advantages. Most models allow you to weld with it in both MMA and MIG/MAT method. Although it is often replaced by an inverter welder, transformer welding machine still has many supporters because of its advantages. First of all, the transformer welder has an uncomplicated design. It consists of components that rarely break down, and even if it happens - the repair will cost relatively little.

Transformer welding machine is a device with a relatively low price. In addition to its simple design and high resistance to mechanical damage, it also has a built-in switch and a knob for adjusting the current. If you employ experienced workers, transformer welder is the best choice - it can be used even in very difficult conditions for construction and assembly work requiring professionalism.

Transformer welders - what to look for

The Transformer welder is an equipment primarily durable and almost failure-free. For this reason, it is also extremely practical. However, if you're looking for the right device, pay special attention to specific parameters such as the supply voltage and the diameter of the electrode, as they must be selected for the material being welded. When it comes to transformer welders, which is one type of electric welding machine, choose a covered electrode. When you are using a transformer welding machine to weld, go for welding wire.

Welding involves working in difficult conditions, but the right equipment and accessories can make the whole process easier. If you are looking for a reliable solution, certainly in your business will come in handy transformer welder. The device is powered by a transformer that provides the right flow of low voltage current with high amperage. So when it comes to power supply, a transformer welder that uses 230V cannot have more than 200A of power. However, if the welding work can be done by connecting the device to a 400V three-phase network, you can also choose more versatile equipment. The 400V network allows for a higher amperage, which makes it possible to use a welder with a higher wattage, exceeding 200A.

Also pay attention to the duty cycle. Transformer welding machine, like other types of electric welders, has a certain percentage cycle - it must be adjusted to the type of work to be performed. This parameter is determined for a 10-minute time interval, which consists of working time and rest time. If you choose a device with a 60% duty cycle, it can be run for 6 minutes, and the remaining 4 should remain idle. Professionals pay special attention to this parameter. In this category you will find transformer welders with different duty cycle - choose the appropriate one according to your needs.

During operation, transformer welder must stand on a stable surface. In addition, it can not be used in dusty areas - for proper operation it is important to have adequate air circulation. Each transformer welder in this category is equipment that you receive with an instruction manual and all the relevant technical data - there you will check what voltage is necessary for the proper operation of the equipment and what is the duty cycle of the device. Remember also to equip the entire workplace well - the right equipment is important, as well as personal protective equipment. Choose quality welders on our portal and find the rest in other categories. Place your complete order now!