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Maintaining proper cleanliness and hygiene in public buildings, industrial plants or workplaces is an extremely important issue. In this case, it is not only about aesthetics, but most of all about the health of their users. For the sake of order, we offer the highest quality cleaning cloths . Our extensive offer allows you to precisely choose the right type to suit your needs. We have cleaning cloths for light stains, for hands, and specialized products for hard-to-remove stains and dirt.

The issue of order has been strictly defined in the Occupational Health and Safety regulations. Failure to comply with the imposed obligations results in severe fines, and even the closure of a point that does not meet all the necessary requirements. Keeping clean should therefore be a priority. Appropriate cleaning cloths in combination with professional chemicals will help to maintain hygiene at the highest level. With us, you will comprehensively equip your company with the necessary articles! Good quality products also increase the work efficiency of cleaning staff. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, they are hygienic and work faster compared to ordinary paper.

Industrial cleaning cloths available in our store, you can use in various types of production halls, workshops or social rooms, but also in the catering, cosmetics, medical and food industries. The materials from which the proposed wipes are made are of recycled, non-woven, cellulose or recycled-cellulose origin. These products perfectly replace the once used cotton cloths, intended for multiple use. However, they required washing, which involved increased consumption of water and electricity, as well as waiting for them to dry. By choosing the products available in our assortment, you will do all the work much faster and more efficiently. It is an extremely economical solution for most entrepreneurs.

Industrial cleaning cloth - check its wide applications

Industrial cleaning cloth has many uses. Perfectly absorbs liquids, removes dirt and dust, therefore it is perfect for wiping. In this case, it is best to choose cleaning paper , which, thanks to many layers, is perfectly absorbent and durable. We also offer articles made of stronger materials for cleaning, for example non-woven cloth . You can use it both for wiping dry surfaces and in combination with chemicals, solvents and detergents.

In our store you will find a solid technical cleaning cloth . Our producers have created them with attention to detail, so you can use them for special tasks and stubborn dirt. The materials are extremely durable and resistant to damage. Thanks to their high efficiency, they will last for a long time, which also translates into financial benefits for the company, because their purchase will not burden the company's budget.

Choose technical cleaning cloth dust-free or low-dust, which will significantly improve the comfort of cleaning. Thanks to their high efficiency, you can use them to clean any type of surface, including glass, because they do not leave unsightly streaks and do not create scratches. We offer single-layer, double-layer and even three-layer products, available in many colors and for various purposes. However, all of them are efficient, they do not dust and clean quickly.

The professional cleaning cloths we offer were created for entrepreneurs from various industrial sectors, therefore, regardless of the industry, everyone will find articles perfect for their company. Choose a single-ply paper wiper for basic tasks and a strong and absorbent multi-purpose non-woven wiper that works with most solvents and disinfectants. Do not choose half measures, choose products made of high-quality materials. Check also the other comprehensive solutions we offer that allow you to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in every place.