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Tires and rims

Driving safety is a priority for every driver. Adequate comfort is also important for passengers. Well-matched tires and car rims have a major influence on them. They can come in various variants, and their wide range is visible on our website. You will find both more universal proposals and individually prepared models for a specific type of car. Check the specification and choose the perfect tires and alloy wheels.

Types and parameters of car tires

There are three types of tires in vehicles adapted to public traffic. These are summer, winter and all-season tires. They are chosen not only because of the weather conditions prevailing at a given time of the year. The data plate provided by the vehicle manufacturer helps to determine the appropriate parameters. It is usually located on the inside of the fuel filler flap, in the driver's or passenger's door, or in the glove box next to the dashboard. The values ​​that are relevant when purchasing are size, speed index and load index. Knowing them, you can proceed with the contract. In this category you will find sizes with different speed and load indexes. All you have to do is define the specification precisely and you will surely be able to choose the perfect tires. Apart from these three values, it is also worth paying attention to a number of other markings.

How to choose the correct wheel size?

We recommend that you strictly follow the manufacturer's recommendations in this area. Tires and aluminium or steel rims must correspond to the factory values. Otherwise, the ground clearance of the vehicle will change. This can negatively affect the speedometer reading, cause changes in top speed and acceleration, and reduce travel comfort. For example, in a vehicle equipped with the manufacturer's 15-inch wheels with 195/65 tires, 18-inch rims can be fitted. However, to prevent the tires from rubbing against the wheel arch, very low profile tires must be used. The consequence of this will be faster wear of the suspension components, noticeably greater noise in the interior and a reduction in the level of vibration damping. It is therefore recommended to choose appropriately matched substitutes, not to use the cheaper option. Well-selected tires guarantee not only the protection of the life of individual components, but also affect the safety of passengers, so you should not save on this solution.

Winter or all-season tires?

In the law applicable to Polish drivers, there is no provision obliging them to replace the tires with winter ones. However, many drivers take advantage of the opportunities offered by these tires. Due to various weather conditions, the disappearance of heavy snowfall and the lack of severe frost, some people are more and more willing to use universal products that work well both on slush, rain and hot asphalt. They do not wear as fast in summer conditions as soft winter tires and provide proper grip on wet and slightly snowy surfaces. Regardless of the driver's preferences, he will select the appropriate type of tires for the car on our portal.

Steel and aluminium rims - which one to choose?

Rims used in passenger cars are often chosen in terms of design. Aluminium rims, apart from many design variants, are also a very good heat conductor. This is important for the braking system as they effectively dissipate excess temperature to the environment. This contributes to the optimal braking distance. They also ensure adequate stiffness and help to reduce the value of the steering wheel yaw. In this category, you will find various types of rims to suit your preferences.

Parameters of aluminium rims

Choosing the right alloy wheels is not complicated - it is enough to read a few important information. Knowing the parameters will make you choose the perfect set in no time. So take into account:

  • rim diameter and width,

  • bolt spacing (e.g. 5 × 108),

  • offset - this parameter specifies the distance between the mounting plane and the center of symmetry of the rim,

  • diameter of the centering hole.

Knowing the above values, you can freely choose the alloy wheels you are interested in for your own vehicle from this category. On our website you will find auctions of various manufacturers offering products of various diameters and assembly dimensions. Summer, winter and all-season tires, as well as steel and aluminium rims offered by the manufacturers on our website, are characterized by high quality and precision. What's more, you will find them at attractive prices. Familiarize yourself with the other categories in which you will find other interesting automotive accessories.