Thermostats and regulators

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Thermal overload relay Siemens 3RU21161KB0 Direct attachment Screw connection CLASS 10

Thermal overload relay Siemens 3RU21161KB0 Direct attachment Screw connection CLASS 10

Starting at
€24.10 +VAT
CZK 593.55
  • Manufacturer: Siemens
  • Manufacturer Code: 3RU21161KB0
  • EAN: 4011209781689
  • Mounting method: Direct attachment
  • Type of electrical connection of main circuit: Screw connection
  • Release class: CLASS 10
  • Max. rated operation voltage Ue [V]: 690
  • Number of auxiliary contacts as normally closed contact: 1
Response time: usually up to 2 days
Room thermostat Berker 20342035 Black

Room thermostat Berker 20342035 Black

Starting at
€179.41 +VAT
CZK 4,419.67
  • Manufacturer: Berker
  • Manufacturer Code: 20342035
  • EAN: 4011334393542
  • Sensor/feeler type: Bimetal
  • Mounting method: Flush mounted (plaster)
  • Thermal feedback: Series
  • Contact type: Normally open contact
  • Class of the temperature control: I
Response time: usually up to 2 days
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Thermostats and regulators

Thermostats and temperature controllers are used to control room temperature. These devices come in a variety of forms - they can be portable or mounted directly on the wall. They are responsible for, among others, controlling the temperature of underfloor heating or central heating furnaces in houses, flats or offices. Thanks to them it is also possible to change settings in the air conditioning. The offer of this type of products is diverse in terms of the applied temperature sensors, method of operation and a range of additional functions.

Thermostat and temperature controller - the main differences

Thermostat is a device responsible for maintaining a specific temperature. This type of apparatus is used for various purposes. They are installed, for example, in electric heaters, refrigerators, baths, air conditioners or cars. The principle of operation is always very similar - the device receives information about the temperature in the room (from the air or underfloor temperature sensor), and then sends a signal to the heating system - deciding, for example, whether to turn the heating boiler on or off.

For modern heating systems, the term temperature controller is primarily used. This is to differentiate the sophisticated controllers from the much simpler thermostats of the older generation. The temperature controller can work on the basis of an external air temperature sensor or have a probe. In addition, it is often equipped with additional functions ranging from programming to remote control of room temperature.

Offering thermostats and controllers

The most reputable manufacturers of thermostats and regulators include brands such as. These are brands such as Schneider, Hager, Berker, Karlik or Ospel.

Type of control

Regulators can be controlled by standard knob or have built-in expanded control panel. A great advantage of electronic temperature regulators is the possibility of precise temperature setting in a room - knob usually does not offer such possibility. The touch panel also greatly facilitates the management of programs.

Wired or wireless controllers

Thermostats and temperature controllers are available in wired and wireless versions. The former requires a direct connection to the furnace or central heating boiler controller. Therefore, it requires laying flush-mounted installation between, for example, a living room and a boiler room. This type of controllers is offered, among others, by Hager or Karlik.

A very interesting proposition is Contact Simon with temperature regulator. Such a device is mounted in a standard box designed for sockets or switches. Simon contacts are available in versions with digital displays and their compact design makes them perfectly suited to various types of interiors.

There are also wireless temperature controllers that do not require installation. These portable devices can be placed on a cupboard or by a bed - or they can be moved from place to place. These types of controllers can be equipped with a WiFi interface, which allows you to remotely control heating in your home - using your smartphone or tablet.

Programming range

Regulators also differ in terms of the scope of programming. Some units are available in a simple, basic version. In this case, a temperature sensor switches the heating on or off depending on whether a certain level of heat is reached in the room. There are also devices from manufacturers such as Berker or Schneider which allow heating programmes to be planned - not only on a daily basis but also on a weekly basis.

With or without sensor?

Products designed for controlling the temperature of underfloor heating are very often equipped with an underfloor sensor. Such devices are available among others in the offer of Ospel brand. If the probe is missing from the set, it should be purchased as a separate element.

Socket with air temperature sensor

A simple variant of the thermostat is also a socket with an air temperature sensor in the room. It disconnects the electrical consumer from the power if a certain level of heat is detected in the air. An electric heater, air conditioner, air conditioner or fan, for example, can be connected to it.