Surface-mounted boxes

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Surface-mounted boxes

Surface-mounted boxes are an important element of every surface electrical installation. They are designed to protect cable connections and are places where electrical equipment is installed. The surface electrical box comes in various types and shapes. Depending on the destination, it can be a cover for cable connections, a place for attaching switches and electrical sockets or a switchboard for lighting installations in buildings and industrial halls. The electrical box protects cable connections in single-phase and three-phase installations, as well as in DC power supply.

Surface-mounted boxes - easy to install

Wherever we decide to lay an open electrical installation, surface-mounted boxes simplify assembly of cables, provide convenient access to cabling and facilitate the attachment of all kinds of additional equipment. We install sockets and electrical connectors for various types of receivers on installation channels or in surface-mounted boxes located in offices, on workshop ceilings and walls or in technical rooms. The most popular class of tightness is IP20. It is sufficient for the vast majority of indoor and residential, public and industrial applications. In places particularly exposed to the risk of fire, installation accessories of higher classes with certificates of resistance to temperature of protection of cables and accessories, eg E90, are used. It allows you to keep the structure of the installation intact and keep the system operational in case of fire.

The damage-resistant material from which the boxes are made can be additionally secured by various tightness classes. Then, depending on the needs and conditions, it is possible to install surface-mounted boxes also outside buildings, where a hermetic casing is required. Such a level is ensured by appropriate classes of protection against the penetration of various types of materials and liquid substances, from IP44 upwards. This type of boxes allows you to assemble dedicated glands or has flexible seals located on the sides. These are so-called step cut membranes made of silicone plastics. The wiring box is the basic element securing connections and cable branches.

Installation of electrical equipment

Installation box protects the installation of sockets and connectors as well as supplied power cables. The most common are square or rectangular boxes with several sockets for electrical installation equipment. Single and double versions are available for sale, but larger numbers of sockets are also available. The casings, regardless of their shape, have protruding lugs that enable them to be securely and easily attached to a variety of surfaces. Mounting pins are used for this, which stabilize it in the place of destination. The junction box can also be the destination for shutter connectors, as well as various types of lighting and signaling buttons in industrial facilities, warehouses and public facilities. They are mounted near the door and in strategic places of the rooms.

Surface-mounted junction box

Surface-mounted modular switchgear, also known as an electrical installation box, enables the connection or branching of wires to various sections of the electrical installation. Such boxes are most often in the form of square or rectangular housings. The average size of the housing varies from a few to several centimeters of the wall and all kinds of connectors and connection rails for cables can be easily accommodated in it. Boxes have snap or screw covers. They can be used as hermetic empty or filled installation box. In the latter case, there are clamps and/or cable clamps inside to facilitate wiring.

The vast majority of surface-mounted installation boxes have flexible inputs that enable protection against the ingress of dust. Depending on the size of the box, these inputs can be from four, with one bushing on each side, to several entries on one side. The hermetic box has a screw-on outer cover and an additional gasket. In this case, the cable entry sockets can be equipped with integrated safety glands or as an additional element. Boxes are also often used to protect various types of small electronic equipment.