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Socket outlet Karlik GHE-1 White IP54

Socket outlet Karlik GHE-1 White IP54

€1.98 +VAT
PLN 9.25
  • Manufacturer: Karlik
  • Manufacturer Code: GHE-1
  • EAN: 5903292631134
  • Suitable for degree of protection (IP): IP54
  • Mounting method: Other
  • Colour: White
  • Nominal voltage: 250
  • Max. switching current: 16
Response time: usually up to 2 days
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Sockets constitute a wide range of products used both in electrical installation, as well as in ICT and other low-voltage installations.

Sockets - versatile applications

Sockets are connecting elements that ensure the supply of electricity, information transmission or control signals. There are installation, antenna, loudspeaker, multimedia, telephone, IT and other special-purpose sockets available on the market.

Telecommunication sockets

ICT sockets are used in telecommunications and IT. They are passive elements of the network, do not modify the transmitted signal, but participate in its transmission. Teleinformatic sockets provide a telephone connection at the end user or, being an element of the IT network, take part in data transmission.

The most popular ones in use are the simplest RJ11 socket connections and the RJ12 socket providing more possibilities. Both can be used for data transmission with a modem.

The second type of socket widely used in ICT is RJ45. The standard provides internet connections via a twisted-pair copper cable, and the sockets are manufactured as shielded or not, and in various categories.

Antenna sockets

Contemporary television installation usually performs functions related to the decoding of the satellite signal, which is why traditional antenna installations are now rare and have been almost completely replaced by cable television or collective installations.

However, if antenna sockets are required, the most commonly used are F sockets (basic antenna installation in the antenna-receiver diagram) and RTV-SAT sockets. Due to the topology of the antenna installation, pass-through and termination sockets (in series installation) or end sockets (star topology) are used.

Speaker terminals

Speaker sockets available on the market are equipment intended for a loudspeaker installation, for aesthetic reasons, usually under the plaster. This installation allows you to hide the connection cables between the various components of the audio equipment.

The speaker terminals are equipped with 1, 2 or 4 pairs of inputs / outputs. Both 1-, 2- and 4-gang equipment have polarity marked the same as that used in audio equipment. The positive (plus) terminal is red and the negative (minus) terminal is black. From a technical point of view, it does not matter whether you use a 2-way loudspeaker socket, if you need 2 pairs of outputs, or if you choose two 1-way sockets, so you can freely choose individual considerations when choosing.

Installation sockets

Installation sockets can be divided into flush-mounted and surface-mounted. The former are most often used in rooms intended for people and are visually attractive elements of interior design. Surface-mounted sockets, although aesthetic, can hardly be called pretty. They are used outdoors and in industrial plants, warehouses or utility rooms in single and multi-family buildings.

Typical installation sockets are single or double sockets, as well as single sockets connected into strips. This equipment is usually characterized by a low degree of protection (IP index). The most common sockets with IP20 are used, which is sufficient in living quarters. Only in bathrooms, due to the direct proximity of water to the electrical installation, it is recommended to use sockets with a rating of at least IP44.

Sockets for extension cords and switchboards

A separate category of sockets is accessories used for extension cords. Both single-phase and three-phase sockets as well as distributors are eligible for them. Single-phase sockets for domestic use are usually not made airtight, unlike the high-protection sockets used in industry.

Industrial sockets are not only accessories used in extension cords, but also a wide range of desktop and switchboards and control cabinets. Sockets can be found even in an ordinary home switchgear - usually these are single-phase sockets mounted on a TH rail.