Sidewalk barriers

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Sidewalk barriers

Sidewalk barriers are essential elements of road infrastructure. They serve as protective and warning equipment, they are also an integral part of urbanized spaces. Their main task is, above all, to eliminate or reduce the dangers to which pedestrians and cyclists are exposed every day. Sidewalk barriers available in our offer can be found in many models, designs and adapted to specific purposes. Please visit our online store.

Sidewalk barriers are installed on all local and national roads, as well as within them, on most of the facilities located along these roads, footbridges, pedestrian paths separated from the road, at bicycle paths running through engineering structures or bridges and viaducts. Sidewalk barriers are used primarily for safety reasons in places where it is advisable to separate areas of different purpose from each other, for example, a pedestrian pavement from the road or green areas from parking lots.

Our offer is directed primarily to all those who are responsible for the safety of pedestrians and road users. We provide the highest quality and attractive prices. The pavement barrier available in this category is manufactured in accordance with all safety standards. The use of the most modern technologies and the best materials means that our pavement barriers are distinguished by increased resistance to any mechanical damage, adverse weather conditions, such as high and low temperatures, rain and snow, and corrosion. Each product is additionally secured with a zinc coating and RAL paint.

We offer easy-to-install railings - just embed them into the ground or screw them to the ground with a foot. In addition, thanks to the careful workmanship, they look extremely aesthetic. They guarantee road safety, as they make drivers aware that the marked area requires appropriate speed limits. This allows you to avoid many collisions causing numerous damage, and above all loss of health or life of road users.

Sidewalk barrier

There are many models of barriers, one of them is sidewalk barriers, which guarantee increased safety. You can apply them in any space. They are perfect for heights, for example on bridges, embankments or in the vicinity of underground entrances. The lamellar sidewalk railings are filled only with vertical gaps, the spacing of which cannot exceed 14 cm. The smaller the space between the individual bars, the greater the security.

Another type is a pavement barrier with a crossbar installed to protect pedestrians, separate them from the road, and prevent them from crossing the road in prohibited places. These types of barriers can be used in segments or in a chain. You will find them in the form of frames with one or two crossbars. Sidewalk barrier with a crossbar should be 80 cm to 120 cm high. Within intersections or pedestrian crossings, it is better to choose lower variants so as not to limit the visibility of drivers.

In this category you will find pavement barrier type U or A type pavement barriers, also known as Gdańsk road barriers. You can find them very often near schools and kindergartens, because they effectively prevent children from suddenly running out onto the road. Our offer includes barriers made of pipes of various diameters, thanks to which everyone will find models suitable for their needs.

Regardless of the model, each pavement barrier is an essential element of the road infrastructure. They are an integral part of roads and places where pedestrians and cyclists travel, therefore they guarantee their safety. They allow you to avoid many accidents and collisions. Thanks to their flashy colors, they are noticeable from a distance and in difficult weather conditions. Bet on high-class products that meet all standards and restrictions. Good quality materials guarantee resistance and increased protection. Choose the right solutions for your needs!