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Cable insulation hose Legrand 036639 Black

Cable insulation hose Legrand 036639 Black

€101.32 +VAT
PLN 473.89
  • Manufacturer: Legrand
  • Manufacturer Code: 036639
  • EAN: 3245060366391
  • Colour: Black
  • Inner diameter [mm]: 30
  • Heat-resistant: No
  • Stretch sleeve: Yes
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Shields and hoses

Shields and protective hoses are reliable cable management components. They make it possible to maintain excellent quality, safe connections. Cable protection using cables will be at the highest possible level.

Protective sheaths and protective hoses: characteristics

The shields and shielding hoses have very many advantages. Among the most important are: work in harsh environments, resistance to harmful environmental factors, resistance to high temperatures. That is why everyone, who wants to choose appropriate sheath, should first of all pay attention to the harmful factors, which can have negative influence on the sheath of particular cable. In some cases it may be important to use sheaths with high abrasion or tensile resistance, and in other cases it will be desirable to have self-extinguishing properties, which will not support fire in the event of a possible fire. You can also find on the market covers protecting cables against dirt, moisture or thermal loads. Each time, when choosing a protective cover, make sure that its installation does not increase the overall cost of the installation. The most popular are covers protecting cables against abrasion. They provide an easy and economical way to isolate, protect and color code individual components and cables. The patented covers and cable cover sleeves are used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Made from durable materials, they are ideal for protecting wires and harnesses not only in electrical switchgear but also in heavy equipment. The way in which the cable bundle is constructed calls for the selection of different types of cable covers. That is why you can buy, among others, corrugated, spiral or plaited cable casings.

Protective covers and protective hoses: benefits

There are many advantages to using protective covers and protective hoses. The most important are the extension of the service life of the applied solutions and adequate protection of cables placed in an environment where they could be exposed to external damage. Casing can be made of materials such as: galvanized steel, stainless steel, hard PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene and polyamide fabrics, rubber or PVC.

All components for cable shielding significantly extend the life of cables. Protective hoses adjust to the shape of movable cable guides. The hoses can be used for industrial applications. The choice of material from which they are made guarantees resistance to abrasion as well as harmful chemicals. These elements do not wear out quickly, which is another advantage. It is worthwhile to get hose accessories right away: couplings, endings, fixing clamps, fixing components, stainless steel covers, as well as elements thanks to which you can connect couplings and cables. All this will make your cable protection reliable.

When using cable protection components, it is important to realize that the service life of the cable protection is primarily related to the moving protection devices. That is why you must not allow the cable to be damaged. Robust cable protection components are suitable for home, office and industrial environments. In industrial conditions, the main task of guards is to protect against harmful external conditions. On the other hand, in offices and homes, it is important to have a solid protection against being stepped on. In addition to guards and hoses, you can also supply: drive chains, cable masking strips or cable sleeves. The characteristics of each of these devices indicate what you should stock up on. Depending on where the shielding is to be placed, the optimal solutions are selected. Reliable protective elements ensure that cables operate reliably for a long time. That is why their optimal selection is so important.