Scaffolding and ladders

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Scaffolding and ladders

If you are going to projects where you need to work at heights, this category is exactly for you. Scaffolding and ladders are often suitable for both interior and exterior and will provide you with the necessary options for modifying facades, walls or trees.

The main differences between ladders and scaffolding are that many types of scaffolding can be used by several builders at once, while a ladder is usually only one. Before buying one or the other product, it is therefore necessary to think carefully about what you will have to do in height and whether you will do it yourself.

And because when using scaffolding and ladders, a solid construction of products made of quality materials is necessary, be sure to look for those with the appropriate certificates (eg ČSN EN 1004, 131-1 or 131-2). Thanks to the standards, you can be sure that the scaffolding or ladders are as safe as possible.

How to choose scaffolding

Today, you don't have to imagine scaffolding just as a system of pipes laid on top of each other, with steps and laid boards on which builders move. Of course, you will also find such scaffolding (facade) here and it is still one of the most used, but if you want something modern, take a look at the offer of mobile scaffolding.

Mobile scaffolding is the ideal choice when you require quick and easy installation without sacrificing stability and reliability. It is the quick installation that is the reason why more and more builders are turning to the mobile scaffolding and cannot praise it. You basically fold it only with the help of an ordinary hammer (by hammering the individual joints) and then you can move the washer (or washers) to the desired heights. And once you're done working in one place, you simply unlock the scaffolding and move it on wheels on the other.

To ensure the safety of construction workers, these scaffolding has partitions covered with anti-slip material and stabilizers are included in the price, so that the mobile scaffolding does not even move if someone is on it.

How to choose ladders

Ladders could be called an absolute classic in many construction works or garden work. You will most often come across one-piece, two-piece, three-piece ladders, but also telescopic or articulated ladders. Each of them can be suitable for a slightly different type of operations, so we recommend that you think about buying them.

One-piece ladders are sometimes called supports, because you simply take such a ladder and support it where you need to work. When choosing the right one, think about the maximum load capacity of the ladder and we definitely recommend ladders with non-slip feet and steps.

Two-piece ladders can be more practical because they can be used as a classic one-piece ladder or you can unfold them into an "A" and there is no need to support them anywhere. This is practical, for example, when working on plaster or when painting rooms.

The three-part ladders represent an improvement of the two-part ladders, both in terms of the overall height and the possibility of placing the ladder in the "Áčka" and further extending it even higher. You will achieve a high repair while maintaining stability.