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Cordless saber saw MV-21PM BODY

Cordless saber saw MV-21PM BODY

€46.83 +VAT
PLN 219.50
  • Guarantee: 2 years
  • L2 [handle length]: 90 mm
  • Max. number of strokes [strokes / min.]: 0 - 2800
  • Battery type: Li-ion [lithium-ion]
  • Soft start: YES
  • Number of batteries in the set: 0
  • Operating mode: DC brushless motor
  • d1 [mounting bracket size]: Universal
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Reciprocating saws

Reciprocating saws are hand-held hacksaws for cutting a wide variety of materials: from steel to wood. They are designed for roughing requiring high efficiency and cutting efficiency.

Design of saber saws

These power tools have the following basic elements: 1-phase commutator electric motor, cooling system, gear with a mechanism that converts the rotary to reciprocating movement, slider with a cam mechanism, blade mounting, motor and gear housing, thrust foot, handle main in the shape of the letter "D", switch, control systems and optimization of work (stroke adjustment and stabilization under variable load), cable for 230 V / 50 Hz alternating current.

Accessories for saber saws

There are different types of blades specially designed for these power tools to cut saber saws. So they have the appropriate design, dimensions and mounting with a 1/2 "universal grip.

Main technical parameters of saber saws

Saber saws are characterized by the following technical parameters: supply voltage (230 V / 50 Hz), nominal power (max. 1500 W), blade stroke length (up to 32 mm), frequency of blade strokes without load (0-3000 / min) , maximum thickness of the cut materials (wood - up to 250 mm, steel - up to 20 mm) and the weight of the device (approx. 4.5 kg).

Uses of saber saws

The use of reciprocating saws depends on the saw blade used. We will cut them: soft and hard wood, wood with metal (e.g. with nails), wood-based materials (e.g. chipboards), gypsum-cement and sandwich-type gypsum boards, plastics, aluminum and non-ferrous metal elements, steel elements (e.g. pipes or profiles) and cast iron, ceramic tiles, tiles, bricks of various types, etc. You can cut them so any material or raw material used in construction. That is why these machines are now often used by construction companies, renovation companies, demolition and reinforcement companies, installers (especially plumbers), carpenters, roofers, fitters replacing windows and doors, as well as by emergency services, e.g. fire brigade and technical rescue.

Manufacturers and advantages of reciprocating saws

Saber saws are made by AEG, Bosch, DeWALT, HiKOKI, Makita, Milwaukee, Metabo. The most appreciated advantages of these machines are high efficiency and speed of work as well as resistance to difficult working conditions.