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Occupational Health and Safety

Health and safety rules apply to every workplace. Regardless of whether it is mental or manual work, each employee is obliged to follow them to the same degree. However, it is worth remembering that manual work is often associated with difficult conditions and many dangers resulting from the nature of the position held. In order to provide employees with adequate protection, a set of rules has been created, known as Health and Safety. In order for every employer to be able to fulfil their obligations, our producers have created a number of solutions to help him in this. Occupational health and safety are extremely important issues that cannot be underestimated - so provide employees with the right conditions and tools so that they can perform their tasks comfortably.

Occupational health and safety - body protection and cleaning

An extremely important issue that should be a priority is to provide employees with appropriate working conditions. For this purpose, it is worth equipping yourself with body protection. They are designed to protect the body against possible injuries or ensure its constant protection in difficult conditions. In this category, you will find not only body protection in the form of overalls, but also all individual garments. It is also important to protect the legs, arms, but also the head and face. A wide selection of products can also be found in the other categories.

Occupational hygiene is extremely important, therefore you will also find appropriate measures - both those tailored to specific accessories, as well as general substances ensuring the cleanliness of the surfaces and body of employees. A wide range of products will allow you to maintain an appropriate level of hygiene also in the factory, in the warehouse or in any office room. All measures we offer ensure first-class security during their use. Choose proven floor mats and accessories for them, as well as practical dispensers, cleaning cloths and cloths. You will receive comprehensive equipment for your warehouse with us - follow all Health and Safety rules with our products!

Fire protection - first class safety

In this category you will also find products that will enable you to effectively protect against fire. Thanks to them security you will provide yourself not only in your private life, but also your employees. A wide range of different types of products allows you to choose between a variety of fire extinguishers. Gas detectors are also important, as they protect people from harmful and toxic fumes by signalling their excess in the air. In this category you will also find the necessary first aid kits with accessories that will guarantee safety both at home, in the car and at the workplace.

In this category you will also find tools that will allow you to keep traffic safe. You can also put on practical safety signs that will help during the evacuation. Thanks to such a comprehensive offer from reputable manufacturers, fire protection will be complete. Protection and safety at the highest level in every place are guaranteed by using the products we offer!

Protection against falls from a height

Occupational hygiene is extremely important, as is safety when performing certain activities. Working at height is particularly dangerous and demanding. All employers who need sufficiently strong equipment will find shock absorbers, lines and safety harnesses in this category - full protection and safety guaranteed! You can also choose practical belay devices or reliable connectors. Occupational health and safety is an extremely important matter - so take care of the best parameters of the accessories you choose.

Barriers and signage

Protection and safety of the workplace or street is also associated with appropriate signalling and barriers that determine how to move around a given area. Occupational health and safety in this case is extremely important. That is why you will find in this category not only road barriers, but also industrial, portable and pavement barriers. What's more, you can also bet on practical warning tapes. This way occupational health and safety will be at the highest level! Choose comprehensive solutions from well-known manufacturers and check all categories!