Rubber seals

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Rubber seals

Durable rubber seals and rubber sealing elements for the automotive industry, as well as plastic seals for windows and ventilation systems are professional solutions ensuring maximum tightness of the structure. The products are made with the use of modern composite mixtures that are resistant to a number of adverse environmental factors. At the same time, they protect the interiors of vehicles, houses and public buildings against moisture and pollution.

Professional rubber gaskets available in our assortment are a necessary rubber sealing element, thanks to which it is possible to safely install windows and doors, as well as roof hatches. They provide effective protection against the ingress of water into the rooms during heavy rainfall. Built with the use of innovative materials such as PVC, they are characterized by excellent fire resistance and air permeability. They also meet the requirements of PN-EN 14351-1.

Robust and reliable rubber sealing elements

The solid and reliable rubber sealing elements available in our store are high-class rubber seals that are widely used in many areas. They are resistant to high loads occurring during strong gusts of wind, as well as mechanical impacts and intensive use (frequent opening and closing of doors and windows). Excellent thermal transmittance, fire resistance and unrivalled acoustic properties make our plastic seals the perfect choice in any case.

Specialized rubber seals in our offer are made of innovative materials, such as synthetic EPDM rubber, TPE-E polyester elastomers with excellent thermoplasticity or modern ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymers. They ensure a perfect fit of rubber sealing elements to the shape of the window or door frame.

Innovative plastic seals

In our assortment you will find innovative plastic seals, including rubber seals of various types, i.e. automotive, flat, self-adhesive, as well as for glass and ventilation systems. They are characterized by many years of service life. You can also buy products made with the use of silicones, such as polymethyl-vinyl-siloxane, i.e. VMQ or MVQ silicone rubber. They are distinguished by resistance to high temperatures up to 300 ° C.

Our online store also offers edge and flat rubber seals, which are available in various sections. Depending on the needs, they can be delivered in a version made of a NBR mixture resistant to oils and greases, as well as high-temperature rubber VMQ. It is also possible to purchase products intended for contact with food, certified by the FDA. A large selection of O-rings and products dedicated to special industrial applications is also available.

Choose professional and cheap rubber seals!

High-class rubber seals available in our store are professional and cheap solutions that ensure perfect tightness of all movable structural connections. They are essential rubber sealing elements used in passenger vehicles and construction projects. Made of innovative mixtures of plastics, they are completely immune to a number of adverse weather conditions, contact with reactive chemical substances and mechanical damage.

Rubber seals offered by our online store are products appreciated by engineers and designers from the material engineering industry. They are readily used in many sectors of the economy and industry. Depending on the model, they can be operated in an environment exposed to acids, bases and oils, as well as in food production plants. Take advantage of our rich offer and choose reliable and yet solid rubber seals at a good price!