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VIRAX 162400 grooving machine

VIRAX 162400 grooving machine

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  • Manufacturer: Virax
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Slitting & Grooving

Groove cutting and machining is a variation of turning, which is useful in multi-branch companies and specialised workshops. Work in these places is carried out using tools with a design adapted to this type of work. Cutting and grooving are tasks that would not be possible without the high quality components you will find in this category!

Cutting and grooving first of all require the selection of the right tool system. In this case, consider the quality of the materials to be machined, the desired degree of surface roughness, the machinability and the size of the batch to be machined - whether it is a single groove or mass production. Also of great importance is the type of material in which cutting and grooving takes place. Independent metals such as aluminium, copper and brass have a fairly low hardness. If, in addition, you want very low surface roughness, opt for a insert with a polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tip, which allows high cutting parameters and ensures long tool life. Another material in which cutting and grooving can also be performed is heat-resistant superalloys, or so-called superalloys. These are divided into nickel-based, iron-based and cobalt-based materials, each with different physical properties and different machinability. However, -GF and -TF insert geometries and ceramic inserts are recommended and significantly improve productivity at higher speeds. If you are interested in cutting and grooving in titanium alloys, you need to get very good quality cutting tools, even under difficult conditions. In this case, opt for -GF inserts with sharp edges in uncoated grade.

In the case of cutting tools, the function of precise coolant supply is a particularly useful option. It is also worth paying attention to the insert clamping method that ensures stability. In our portal you will find inserts adapted to every cutting technique. For small depths you will choose three-cutter inserts for economical cutting in mass production. For cutting with moderate depths, holders with screw clamping and spring clamping with two-cutter inserts will be a good choice. If you are interested in deep cutting, we offer holders with stable spring clamp and single point inserts. You can also find indexable cutting inserts with inclined cutting edge for chipless and burr free cutting. For small parts, inserts with the smallest possible width and sharpest possible cutting edge are perfect - here you can choose from three or two-cutter models.

Grooving - How do I find the right tool?

Before you decide to choose a specific tool, first of all identify the type of activities undertaken by the workers. Cutting and groove machining can include cutting, external or internal turning of grooves, face and shallow grooves or undercutting and profile machining. Then specify the required insert geometry and grade. In our portal you will find inserts that guarantee reliable and economical machining of high quality workpieces. Whether you are cutting small parts or machining grooves with large diameters, we have the right insert for your application.

In our portal, you will also find a wide range of disc, shank and end mills for various types of keyways, shuttles and T-slots. The choice of a particular model depends on the width and depth of a groove, as well as its length. The type of machine you have and the frequency of machining are also important. Groove machining includes milling narrow and shallow grooves. Versatile cutters have inserts with multiple cutting edges in shapes to fit most types of small grooves. Common applications include groove machining, i.e. milling for circlip and seal rings and small straight or circular external grooves.

Slot milling with a slat

Groove turning with a bar requires special accuracy. Again, the choice of insert is crucial. Choose the narrowest model with the shortest overhang. This will limit material loss and reduce power consumption. Ribbed grooving can be divided into external, internal and face grooving. Such groove machining requires the use of tools with multi-cutting inserts, double and single-cutting inserts. In this category you will find special long overhang hooked cutters, where a narrower cutting edge will work well, as well as angle or straight holders, useful for face groove turning.

Slotting and grooving requires the right tools with the right performance. In this category, reputable manufacturers offer a wide range of products to suit everyone's needs, making Cutting & Grooving fast and efficient. Check out the other departments as well and choose the solutions tailored to the needs of companies, manufacturing plants and professional workshops.