Other rubber products

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Other rubber products

Products made of rubber mixtures are used in almost every segment of the industry. They are the basis for the functioning of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. They eliminate vibrations and provide acoustic insulation. In our store you will find rubber products in various forms that you can successfully use at home and in industry.

Technologies used in the production of rubber products

The basic ingredient of every product called rubber are polyolefins. These are polymers that contain long carbon chains in their structural structure. To produce rubber products, it is necessary to adjust the proportions of the appropriate mixtures of natural and synthetic rubber. In the process of cross-linking, an appropriate amount of sulfur and any other substances are added to impart certain physical properties. They are responsible for the physical state of the product, its flexibility, hardness and coefficient of friction.

The next stage of production is vulcanization, which can take place on machines with a different action. Curing presses are used to obtain rubber products with high hardness and less flexibility. The elements directly involved in the process are heated to high temperatures, so that high-density cross-linking can occur. Correspondingly slimmer and more bendable elements are created on calendars and smoothing rolls. They are usually used for the production of films, linings and other relatively thin rubber products. In our store you will find products from reputable manufacturers who use the latest technologies in the process of creation, which translates into the high quality of all available rubber products.

Rubber products - pay attention to the specifications

Rubber products can be found in almost every field of industry. Individual products have specific properties, so it is important to choose the right product for your needs. We offer rubber products with specific properties intended for use in a specific environment. You will find a wide selection of shapes, sizes and compositions of mixtures. As a result, even the most demanding customers will find products tailored to their needs.

The rubber grommets that you can find here are most often used in the electrical industry. They are used to direct installations in walls and supporting elements. They increase the protection of sensitive cable elements by preventing damage to the external parts of the cables. The presented rubber products are characterized by different hardness, internal and external diameters depending on the needs. They are indispensable equipment during assembly works at various levels of advancement and size of structures.

In turn, rubber vibration isolators, commonly known as shock absorbers, are designed to dampen vibrations during machine operation. They are produced in many shapes and with the use of rubber of various hardnesses. In our store you can choose Rubber products for neutralization, equipped with internal or external threads. They perfectly withstand the constant operation of devices, improving their functioning and increasing the comfort of use. They also extend the service life of depreciated components. The rubber feet and limiters we offer work in a similar way, as they effectively absorb shocks and vibrations.

Benefits of using rubber elements

Rubber products are used in a huge number of devices and machines. They effectively soundproof rooms thanks to the ability to absorb vibrations. They enable the amortization of working components, which contributes to the extension of their life cycle, and they also separate working substances present in adjacent chambers of the machine. They are light, resistant to damage, and the degree of their flexibility depends on the specific use and demand. Rubber products are manufactured relatively little, which translates into economic solutions at attractive prices. Visit our website and find out!