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Monolithic Tools

Monolithic tools used to be made of high speed steel. Monolithic tools are now called carbide tools. Monolithic tools are used in machining, namely for drilling, milling, threading, grooving, profiling and reaming. On our platform, you can find the tools you need to perform these tasks according to your preferences. Check the size, thickness diameter and choose the type of bit to match your machine. Equip your company with the best quality Monolithic Tools.

Metal cutting tools

Monolithic cutting tools are mainly used when working with a top spindle machine and CNC machine tools. Modern Metal cutting tools, including equipment and accessories, allow you to create precision metal parts, useful during the work of both specialized workshops and multi-industry enterprises. Available in this category cutting tools for metal are high quality products that guarantee long term use.

In this category you will find metal drill bits in practical sets. This will make the necessary cutting tools more convenient to store or move with them. With many different sizes in one package, you get quality components with the right diameter and length to match the type of machining.

The Monolithic Tools are also semi-finished components for lathe knives. These types of components, which by proper grinding are suitable as chisel bar, are used in the production of tools and moulds. Hard parts are suitable for use as a lathe knife for tool and mould making. In addition to these, you will find a wide selection of cutters on the site. These types of cutting tools made of tungsten carbide are great for machining natural wood and plastics. Double cutters allow you to get two shapes after changing the bearing, which is useful in many workplaces. Choose your milling cutters according to the size you need on our website, so they can be perfectly matched to the machines you already own.

Ideal for metal and wood

Titanium coated drills are ideal for machining metals. They are mainly used in industrial applications. Durable and practical monolithic tools of this type are great for everyday work in harsh conditions. They do not break, and their use is possible for a long time. For wood, on the other hand, such cutting tools as spade drills and augers work well. The former are made of hardened chrome vanadium steel and have two built-in side blades and an apex - so you can get precise cuts. Keep in mind, however, that these types of monolithic tools will not work well for impact drilling. If you need tools to work with a hammer drill, consider buying the right drill bits for the job. These will also allow you to work with concrete. The Monolithic Tools you will find on our platform are efficient, solidly made and resistant to wear.

Wood augers are recommended for regular drill models. You can choose impact drills individually or order them in practical sets. They are used when working under difficult conditions and are suitable for drilling in concrete and reinforced concrete, so they must be of high quality. On our platform you will find high-quality wood augers that you can easily attach to your drill.

In this category, you will find high quality monolithic tools that are sure to contribute to maximum efficiency when machining. The high quality Metal cutting tools you will find with us are durable components that are resistant to damage and allow you to work even in extreme conditions. Take a look at our other categories and see what other tools are right for your workshop.