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Modular lamps

Modular lamps are used to provide information about the current operating status of a device or circuit, as well as the course of processes. They can optically signal such states as: switching on, switching off or various failures. There is a wide range of modular signal lamps on the market. They take into account various parameters and materials used. Power control lamps are one of the most used types of traffic lights.

Lamps of this type are used both in complex industrial installations and in less complex workshop systems. Their use in various construction facilities and machine parks is relatively common. Modular lamps are often equipped with buttons to cut the power off in the event of a fault or during maintenance.

Integrated modular lamps

Most manufacturers of modular equipment offer modular signal lamps for switchboards mounted on a DIN rail. For modular switchboards, signal lamps in modular housings are used, which are mounted on a DIN rail. In the case of boards, control panels, or on housings or switchboards, special desk lamps are used. The most common solutions have the width of one module (17.5-18mm). Sometimes manufacturers also offer modular signal lamps with a width of 0.5 modules (9mm).

Sometimes there are hybrid solutions, i.e. backlit buttons and switches, which are designed to control and signal. The most popular are compact signal lamps made of plastic. They can be non-dismountable or demountable. In the case of the latter, individual elements can be replaced.

Modular lamps - colors

One, two or three signal lamps can be installed in one module. Usually the colors red, green, orange or yellow are used. Occasionally, blue or white is used. The triple combinations are usually available in different colors: red, green, yellow, three red lights or three green lights. They are available for the voltage 24-48 V AC / DC, 110-230 V AC, which are used most often, or occasionally 230-400 V AC.

Indicator lamps with LED sources dominate most of the solutions available on the market. Typically LED lamps are used for a phase voltage of 230 V AC. Manufacturers also offer 12 V, 24 V and 24-120 V AC / DC LED lamps. Permanent backlight is most often used. However, there are also signal lamps that flash with short pulses on the market.

Panel signal lamps

Panel signal lamps, also called desktop lamps, are usually mounted in specially prepared walls or doors of cassettes, desks, control cabinets, as well as in other housings with walls up to 3 mm thick. This allows you to cut out round mounting holes. They usually have diameters of 22 mm, 30 mm or less often - 16 mm. They complement buttons and control switches, which are also referred to as control manipulators.

Signaling Light and sound are used in industrial systems and machines. Its main task is to communicate the current state of the machine to the operator in an unambiguous and understandable way. It is important in hazardous situations, when the signaling should warn about improper, malfunctioning of the device or machine, as well as about the threatening danger to the operator.