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Wrench Sets

Open-end wrenches are sold individually or in sets containing several sizes of the same type of tool. Such generic sets usually contain from 3 to 26 wrenches of different sizes.

Types of wrench sets

Sets of wrenches are composed by grouping them by type. Thus, we have sets of open-end wrenches, combination wrenches, ratchet wrenches, socket wrenches, etc. These sets have textile, cardboard or plastic packaging. On the market, there are also sets completed for the needs of a specific professional group, e.g. for electricians or electronics engineers.

The economic viability of spanner sets

Nowadays, many different sizes and locations of screws are used in appliances, vehicles or machines, which makes it necessary to use many different types and sizes of wrenches. Therefore, buying them as a set is much more economical than buying a single wrench. The reason for this is that the price per wrench is much lower. Wrench sets are offered by Bahco, Beta, Facom, Gedore, Hazet, Proxxon, Snap-on, Stanley, Stahlwille, Wera etc.