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Installation Cable Ducts

Installation cable ducts are used as cable shields in electrical installations. They organize and protect surface-mounted electrical wiring in buildings and lines located outdoors. They are commonly used to protect power supply cables in basements, garages, workshops and all types of industrial halls. They are successfully used in switchboards and telephone line distribution boards, as well as to protect cables for equipment accessories on production lines. Various types and a multitude of duct constructions allow to lead a single conductor and assembly of wires on flat and vertical surfaces, as well as to suspend installation cable ducts in many places. The wide selection allows you to choose the right type of duct for your location and purpose.

PVC installation cable ducts

Plastic rail conduits are used for a variety of cable shielding and protection applications. They are often made of halogen-free materials, which allows for their installation in areas where increased fire protection is required. Most often they appear as a closed profile with a protective strip. They can have many types of sections and shapes. Most often they take the form of a square or rectangle, but there are also semi-circular installation cable ducts. They are then to protect the set of cables on the floor surface and are most often used in offices, halls and public spaces of the premises, to bring the cabling to the stands of multimedia and office equipment.

Installation cable trays are also available as an open or ventilated installation element. In this form, both PVC perforated and comb trays are available. They are used to protect cables in low-voltage installations, to organise cabling for line equipment and machines in places exposed to damage of surface wiring. During repair works and when laying new sections of installation it is possible to use flexible sections. Open and ventilated type of installation cable duct provides good access to cables and easier control of their condition, as well as possible later changes and repairs during operation.

Installation duct accessories

For the construction of ergonomic lines and well-protected surface-mounted electrical installations, additional elements are used to connect or organise the wiring harness inside the conduits. With the help of T-pieces and branches, electrical installations can be routed and branched both on the wall and on the floor. A single module of installation channel can be freely cut and terminated with dedicated tips and plugs. Internal and external angle connectors allow to protect the cable in the corners and keep the cable sheath closed. Installation cable ducts in some versions have assembly partitions. This makes it easier to organize and separate the wires into different sections and types. The cable of individual bundles can be fixed and secured using dedicated clamps, clips and clips of the mounting hardware. After applying additional accessories in the form of electrical boxes, power supply sockets of various types can be mounted in the installation cable ducts.

Metal trays

Metal installation cable ducts are ideal for larger groups of wires and in more demanding environmental conditions. They are most often available in the form of perforated "U" shaped profile with reinforced edges. They are also available as mesh cable trays. The open type of tray allows excellent access to the installation. They are often used as bus ducts in telecommunication switchboards, computer server rooms and for laying electrical supply lines for machinery and industrial equipment. The ventilated type of installation channel shortens the access to the cabling. The systems of dedicated accessories of wall hangers, extension arms, connectors, fixing screws, ceiling bases, cable clips and clips as well as threaded rods make it possible to route the cable sheath in difficult places.