Industry and machine building
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Industry and mechanical engineering

Machines are devices most often used in industry. They facilitate the work of people, improve it, and increase the efficiency of each workplace. Machines allow for the production of elements and components of the highest quality. In this category, in addition to specialized machines, you will also find automotive products. Lots of car parts and accessories necessary to keep your vehicles operational are gathered right here. See what you can find in the section industry and mechanical engineering!


In this category you will find construction machines, food machines, but also textile machines and machines for the production of specialized equipment. You will also find chemical and pharmaceutical machinery, building material machinery, electrical equipment manufacturing machinery, plastic and rubber processing machinery, agricultural machinery, metallurgical machinery, packaging machinery, environmental machinery, and carpentry machinery. Thanks to these types of products, you can equip both a larger enterprise and a smaller workshop. With the help of efficient machines for various industries, you will get your work done quickly and efficiently.

On our website you will also find practical accessories for machines. Thanks to them, you can make the necessary replacement and enjoy a well-functioning structure again. Machine parts can be found by professionals who repair or rent them, as well as companies that construct devices. In this category you will also find indispensable industrial equipment - cleaning, handling and transport equipment, as well as energy, mining and welding equipment. You can also order all machine tools, industrial robots, cooling and heat exchange devices, as well as air compressors and parts for them on our portal. Practical help are also printers and industrial laser equipment. The ** industry and mechanical engineering ** category will provide many elements that will surely help you complete your order.


Automotive is a section where you will find alternators and batteries, air intakes, filters, brakes, air conditioning and heaters. You can also order cooling elements, bodies, tires and rims at the portal auctions. You will find many V-belts and multi-ribbed belts, but also engines, gearboxes, clutches, windows and mirrors. In the industry and mechanical engineering category, manufacturers have also prepared products that are part of steering, injection and carburettor systems. Thanks to all these elements, both professional workshops and large car repair services will find something for themselves. High quality, precise workmanship and attractive prices - it is worth betting on proven car parts, which you can find in the industry and machine construction category.

The industry and mechanical engineering category also includes many accessories. An inseparable element of taking care of every car are cosmetics that help maintain the proper cleanliness and condition of the paintwork. All accessories that improve the quality of travel and provide additional storage space, such as trunks or boxes, are also important. Automotive is your passion? In this category you will find all the necessary equipment!

Lubrication should not be forgotten either. Failure to change the oil or neglect to top up the oil can lead to faults. Stock up on oils, greases and additives that match your vehicle model. It is also worth checking the condition of the wipers and blades. If you notice a significant degree of their wear - choose new ones that you will surely find in this category. Also check the condition of the bulbs. Replacing them is relatively simple and you will certainly do it in your garage in a few moments.

Precision industry products include high-quality optics and scales. Thanks to them, work in production or warehouse is easier and faster. You will find all the necessary products in this category. If you are looking for industrial sensors or remote maintenance and control modules, you will also find them on our website. The automation and robotics category also offers a wide range of products, so you will surely find what you need. In turn, in the warehousing and storage category, you will find many products that will help in the storage of various types of substances.

The industry and mechanical engineering category includes many specialized products that can be tailored to your needs. On our website you will find many elements that will allow you to successfully equip your workplace with the necessary devices. Automotive is also a subcategory equipped with the equipment necessary to repair the car. Also check the other categories and place an order for the necessary items.