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Hotel equipment

Hotel room equipment is a very important issue in every holiday resort. It is worth taking care of the comfort and convenience of visitors. If you want the place to attract as many guests as possible, you need to provide basic hotel room equipment. The online MerXu platform will help you with this, thanks to which you will save not only money, but also time - you will find practically all the hotel equipment you need, including various textiles. Hotel accessories should be practical and easy to clean. The suppliers' offer includes products such as roller shutters or mosquito nets, which will allow guests to rest comfortably at night and limit the flow of sun in the morning. Running a hotel is not the easiest task - you can make this task easier by shopping online with delivery directly to your premises.

Hotel equipment - choose the highest quality

Correct furnishing of hotel rooms is the basic task of every owner of a holiday facility. In this category you will find hotel accessories that will allow you to create an atmospheric place to relax. These are not only tables and roller blinds, but also steam vacuum cleaners, ashtrays, trolleys and posts. In turn, hotel textiles, such as carpets, containers, curtains and many other products, can be ordered at attractive prices.

On the website you will also find items that can be placed in front of the building, such as an ashtray, a trash can or a fire basket. Thanks to this, you can arrange a bypass or adapt the space for guests. Hotel accessories that will facilitate serving dishes, unloading supplies or cleaning - serving trolleys, for transporting plates or warmers, thanks to which each customer will be able to enjoy hot meals in the form of a buffet.

Hotel furniture will give the hotel an atmosphere

Hotel furniture is primarily a bed with a comfortable mattress, as well as bedside tables, a dressing table with a mirror and a wardrobe. You can also put a dehumidifier and an air purifier in the rooms. It is worth ordering the right number of bedding sets. Bet on a bright fabric with a minimalist pattern. Get a washing machine that will remove all dirt and bacteria during washing. The windows should be fitted with blinds protecting against sunlight. In this category, you will also find products that will allow you to equip your bathroom, such as hair dryers, styling accessories or shelves.

Hotel accessories as a complement to the hotel space

Hotel equipment includes all the necessary equipment, thanks to which you will provide your guests with the best conditions. If you want to make your stay more attractive, you can buy an electric massage chair that will allow you to relax effectively. It is worth putting a TV in the room or equip it with a safe code safe. MerXu online shopping platform is also a place where you can buy small decorative elements, such as decorative pillows. You'll also find smaller pieces of furniture, such as a shoe cabinet. Hotel furniture should be of good quality, so it is worth choosing products from reputable manufacturers who have been operating in the HoReCa industry for years.

Hotel furniture is a combination of style, aesthetics and functionality. Thanks to a wide range of suppliers from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania and Slovakia, you can adjust the equipment to the hotel's climate. The Merx purchasing platform allows you to create a space or renovate existing rooms in a different style. Every entrepreneur will find here both modern, minimalist furniture, as well as large chests or shelves in the Scandinavian style. It is also worth remembering about appropriate lighting and decorations that will raise the standard of the room.

The hotel accessories can also include popcorn machines, which will surely appeal to the youngest guests. Especially for them, you can mount a basketball backboard and basketball hoop made of fiberglass. If possible, create a playground or playroom. Thanks to the rich offer of renowned manufacturers, the hotel equipment will be complete. Choose comprehensive solutions, check other categories and order the necessary products with delivery straight to the building.