Handling and transportation equipment

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Handling and transportation equipment

Production plants, service plants and places where bulky transports are sent should be equipped with carrying equipment. It is perfect for effortless handling of loads on large overhangs. Thanks to this, you can easily unload the goods in a short time.

On our website you will find a range of versatile and efficient machines that are designed to transport components. Thanks to their pneumatic control, it is possible to lift, move and lower dimensions whose weight exceeds 500 kg. In addition, in our store we have placed accessories and components needed for servicing pneumatic and hydraulic systems. To find other offered parts, we invite you to follow the other categories visible in other categories - thanks to them you will comprehensively equip your workplace.

Transport and employee safety

Inappropriate handling of loads can seriously damage your health. Therefore, it is not worth risking accidents, fractures or other incidents. It is absolutely necessary to adhere to the standards permitted by the law on the maximum weight of the dimensions to be transferred without the use of machines and tools. As for men, the weight must not exceed 30 kg for permanent work and 50 kg for casual work. For women, these values ​​are 12 and 20 kg, respectively. Carrying equipment should be used whenever these values ​​are exceeded. It can be purchased in our store at attractive prices.

What machines should be used to transfer dimensions?

The storage or processing space differs depending on the nature and size of the enterprise. Therefore, also carrying equipment can be different and ready to be used in different conditions. Today, many companies use forklifts and manual or electric pallet trucks to transport goods. This is the basis for the operation of the vast majority of factories. Other types of transport equipment are useful on production and assembly lines. We are talking about pneumatic manipulators with a different grip and range. You can see the offers of these machines in our online store.

Construction and principle of operation of manipulators

The pneumatic arms presented on our website are characterized by an extremely durable structure. This type of carrying equipment includes:

  • base - anchored, moved manually, with a trolley, linearly or along a specific track,

  • equine fiber connected to the arm,

  • gripping device.

There are many different versions of this type of solution that can be adapted to the nature of the goods, weight and storage space.

The equipment for carrying loads visible in our online store is based on a wide base ensuring the possibility of a stable foundation of the arm on the ground. The operator manipulates the load with special levers that are an integral part of the machine. Transport of elements takes place with the use of a pneumatic control system, therefore it is necessary to use this type of devices to installations ensuring constant access of air under pressure. Depending on the specific solution the transport equipment can rotate fully around its axis, be moved linearly with a suspension system or change position thanks to the installation of special transport rails.

The carrying equipment offered on our website is perfect for multitasking. It can be used in the process of unloading and loading goods, manipulating treated equipment and installing attachments, or for other heavy lifting tasks. Thanks to this, the transport of dimensions is safe and without the use of human force. In addition to the devices visible in this category, we have prepared a number of other industrial devices and consumables for you. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the other categories of our portal.