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Gas appliances

Products from this category are mainly used for water heating, building heating or cooking. Today, you will most often encounter gas appliances such as gas boilers, gas stoves or gas stoves. Whether you are looking for any equipment from this category, we always recommend buying one that meets the relevant standards and is evidenced by certifications. Especially in the case of gas appliances, it is absolutely essential that you only buy quality products that meet all your requirements and relevant standards.

It is equally important that the installation of gas equipment takes place under the supervision of an expert. If you do not feel like an expert in assembling this type of product, definitely invite you to install one so that everything goes smoothly. In the case of unprofessional installation, there is a risk of great damage to property and health, so saving here is definitely not worthwhile. Regular inspection of gas equipment is also important, usually the technician inspects them once a year.

Gas boilers and stoves

In the case of gas boilers, we can distinguish two types. Stationary boilers are suitable for commercial gas supply areas for large areas, which are usually placed in the boiler rooms of these buildings and from there heat the entire building through pipes. The second type are hanging gas boilers, which are most often used in apartments or family houses.

The selection of gas boilers is based on their efficiency, materials used, the possibility of connecting regulators, ease of service, user interface and other features.

You can also find gas stoves in the menu. They most often use propane-butane for their operation and some variants include fans so that the heat of the rooms spreads quickly and evenly.

Gas stoves

Even though gas stoves are now giving way to electric ones, they still have their supporters and manufacturers are reacting to it. When choosing a stove, you will be mainly interested in the power of the burners, their number, the power of the oven and the materials from which the stove is made. The volume of the oven, the presence of the grate, the energy consumption or whether the burners have a fuse can also be important. Like a gas boiler, a stove must be installed by an experienced professional.

Some cookers also offer other functions and options, such as the possibility of a hatch, ECO program, extended warranty, program for easier cleaning of the oven or soft closing of the door.

Detectors for gas appliances

If you want to be sure that users of gas appliances will be informed immediately of a possible gas leak, we recommend installing a carbon monoxide detector. These detectors most often warn of a leaked gas with a strong sound and also a flashing light. Due to the price of up to a thousand crowns, this is an inexpensive investment and, as a result, can save health. Some carbon monoxide detectors will enjoy a long warranty of up to 10 years..