Flush mounted luminaires

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Recessed lamps

The choice of ceiling lighting is a very important element of interior design. An interesting proposition are flush-mounted lamps, which are becoming more and more popular. They can be installed in both plasterboard and suspended ceilings. What's more, light fixtures of this type will work well in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, corridors, as well as office rooms, which makes them an extremely universal option.

Main advantages of recessed lamps

Apart from the possibility of using flush-mounted lamps in various ways, they also have other interesting advantages. Particularly noteworthy among them is the fact that by installing them in a selected room, you can get the impression of a more spacious interior.

Flush-mounted lamps are also characterized by the fact that they are most often installed in groups. Therefore, they can be successfully installed in any configuration as far as their arrangement is concerned, and thus create unique lighting arrangements.

An interesting option are also recessed plaster lamps. They can be an integral part of the ceiling, which allows you to achieve a perfect visual effect. An additional advantage of this solution is the fact that the lamps can be covered with paint of any color.

How to choose recessed luminaires?

In order to choose the appropriate flush-mounted luminaires, you must first understand what these types of products are. These lamps are installed very deep into the surface of the wall or ceiling. Although the installation of this type of product is not the easiest, there are many advantages of such a solution - e.g. the fact that the lamps do not protrude beyond the area where they are installed, take up less space and provide effective lighting in any interior.

In order to choose the appropriate recessed luminaires, first of all, it is necessary to determine in what type of area they are to be used. Different lamps will work in homes and apartments, and others in office buildings. It is important to pay special attention to the aesthetics of the products you buy, as well as their utility values, such as electricity consumption, light intensity and color, as well as the angle of its beam.

What should you pay attention to when choosing recessed lamps?

A specific feature of downligt lamps is that they generate light shining downwards, which allows creating an extremely friendly atmosphere in the rooms where they are installed. When buying such products, it is worth paying attention to several important matters. Among them is, inter alia, whether the luminaires are to be used in a private home or at the workplace. In the case of the first option, you should know that they will look best in rooms arranged in accordance with the Scandinavian or minimalistic style.

It is also important to look at the quality of workmanship of individual flush-mounted luminaires. After all, this is what their service life depends on. Due to the fact that they are installed below the surface of a wall or ceiling, their dismantling can be quite problematic. So it's best to bet on proven options right away.

Flush-mounted luminaires in houses and flats

Flush-mounted lamps offer a huge number of possibilities - this is probably the direct reason for the fact that they are becoming more popular every year. An interesting option are, for example, luminaires that have been designed in such a way as to imitate a starry sky. This option allows you to decorate the living room or bedroom in a really unusual way. The atmosphere created in this way is a high level of comfort and elegance in one.

Downlights can surprise you. They are perfect for the role of discreet and eye-friendly light sources. However, they can also be used to illuminate corridors in hotels, offices and other places with a large usable area.

There are several types of downlights that differ according to the type of light source used and the way in which it is distributed. Some lamp manufacturers also offer more advanced models of recessed lamps - they are distinguished by an improved structure and non-standard shape of the entire body.