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Floors and interior tiling

Almost every rough construction then also requires the laying of flooring and cladding so that it can serve its purpose well. That is why we have prepared for you this category full of experienced manufacturers, whose floors and tiles meet the strictest quality criteria. At merX, we care that you are as satisfied as possible with your interior, so we carefully inspect each supplier.

We recommend choosing both the floor and the tiles, especially according to the place and purpose of use. Not every type fits everywhere and it's good to think about it.

Types of interior floors

Wooden floors will serve you especially when you go for the aesthetics and beauty of the whole interior. It is especially suitable for apartments, family houses or cottages and log cabins. We can further divide them into massive and layered. By far the most used are wooden parquet floors, which are not only beautiful, but you can usually choose the type of installation and the exact dimensions.

You can use laminate floors wherever you want a reasonable price and quick installation. They are also suitable for households, but have found greater use in commercial spaces, such as offices, restaurants, shops or offices. Laminate floors are also popular due to the diverse range of designs, surface treatment options and the range of sizes on offer.

Vinyl floors are also very popular and relatively inexpensive. These floors are suitable for all interiors and, for example, in operations with a high density of workers, you will appreciate their easy maintenance. You can choose from a wide range of designs, some of which are almost indistinguishable from natural materials. The advantages of vinyl floors include their resistance to moisture, health safety or the possibility of use for underfloor heating.

PVC floors are also in demand. The type of hardened heterogeneous PVC is suitable for production or very busy areas, because this material can withstand a lot. PVC floors of the soft heterogeneous type are suitable for flats because they are less durable, but you can buy them in various patterns and colors.

Types of interior tiling

As in the case of choosing floors, the most important thing for tiles is their purpose. From a technical point of view, we can say that ceramic tiles are selected on the basis of resistance to damage, the so-called PEI value. The lower the PEI value, the lower the resistance to abrasive particles. For example, PEI 1 tiles are suitable for bathrooms or bedrooms, while PEI 5 ceramic tiles are suitable for high-traffic interiors, such as offices, shops or warehouses.

The most used interior cladding materials include the already mentioned ceramics, but wooden, metal, glass or stone or composite tiles are also widely used. As with floors, choose tiles according to the properties you need. For example, you will choose beautiful-looking tiles for a luxury office, but you will probably prefer the durability of the material to the hall of the production plant.