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The main task of filters in a car is to ensure the purity of the medium flowing through them. It may be air, engine oil or fuel. Without a properly selected element, trouble-free operation of the car is not possible. Car filters are an essential element for the operation of each vehicle - therefore, when it is necessary to replace them, choose high-quality products from reputable manufacturers that will extend the life of individual components. Due to the application, filters available on our website can be divided into cabin, oil, fuel and air filters. In this category, you will find a large number of products that can be tailored to your needs.

The vast majority of available filters are made with a paper insert. Depending on the place of use, it can be additionally reinforced so that it does not dissolve under the influence of the separated medium. Car filters can be placed in a metal can (oil, fuel), surrounded by rubber (air), or entirely made of paper (cabin - pollen).

Although it would seem that these are elements that do not do any work during the operation of the unit, they are its essential equipment. They stop contaminants from getting into the sensitive fuel supply system, engine cylinders or narrow passages. They also allow passengers to breathe air of the right quality. Properly installed car filters will certainly affect your driving comfort, so choose the best products.

Oil filters

They are located close to the power unit and are used to catch contaminants floating in the engine oil. They are usually built using a metal can, a cylinder-shaped paper insert, a vacuum valve, a mounting thread and gaskets. Oil filters are designed to separate hazardous metal particles. Larger contaminants are trapped in the dragon's sieve which sucks in the lubricants.

Regular replacement of the oil filters ensures that costly engine breakdowns are avoided. It should be performed at each oil interval. You can match the appropriate filters to your needs - the necessary replacements can be found on our website. Remember that a large amount of contaminants in the engine can reduce the effectiveness of the lubricant, which can break the oil film. This phenomenon starts the engine scuffing process. So remember to change filters regularly.

Air filters

The necessary elements of combustion units include air filters. They are placed in front of the suction manifold. In engines with a turbine or compressor, they are also installed upstream of these components. The described car filters catch fine grains of sand and other impurities. They play a significant role in the correct process of creating a fuel-air mixture. Take care of good quality filters - it's best to order a few at once. This element is often replaced, so it is worth having a few of them in stock.

The strict adherence to the regular replacement of these components results in a long service life of the entire mechanism. This is usually done at the time of oil service so that all filter accessories are replaced at the same time. Currently, paper air filters are usually used, which catch all impurities most effectively. There are also products for sports cars made of cotton gauze on the market - check what you will find in this category!

Fuel filters

Water and small contaminants can enter the fuel through the tank breather. Harmful particles are present in the production, transport and storage of fuels. Therefore, these types of car filters are a necessary equipment of the unit. They prevent hazardous components from getting into the sensitive power supply system. With the development of the automotive industry, these systems are more and more prone to failure. The replacement of filtering components should be carried out every 40 thousand kilometers.

All car filters presented above can be purchased at competitive prices on our website. A wide selection of products at auctions means that everyone will find the right components here. Familiarize yourself with the wide selection of filters provided by the manufacturers and look at other categories and take care of your car comprehensively.