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Protection against falls from a height

Any work performed on a surface more than 1 m above the floor or ground is considered to be work at heights under the law. Performing this type of task is particularly dangerous because it significantly exposes employees to loss of health or life. Therefore, adequate protection against falls from a height is essential. In this category, you will find products that meet the detailed requirements and standards in the field of health and safety.

Workers who work at height are subject to mandatory periodic medical examinations and training. This is due to the requirements imposed on the employee by this type of position. This work requires constant supervision and the use of appropriate protective measures. It is important to choose the most appropriate fall protection. We offer a safety harness with a rope and shock absorber. Such a complete set stops a person in the event of a fall and keeps the body in a safe position. Each of these components is also available separately, so you can assemble the appropriate equipment for working at height.

The safety harness ensures complete safety which is required for working at height. Health and Safety and any other regulations must be complied with in this case. The fall protection you will find in this category is specially designed harness. They guarantee the distribution of forces acting on the human body in the event of stumbling and falling. Thanks to this, it prevents injuries and fractures. However, the harness will not fulfil its role without the appropriate lines. Their maximum length cannot exceed 2 m. In our store you will find models with adjustable length: 1.4 m, 1.6 m or 2 m. These products are made of extremely durable and flexible materials, which translates into comfortable work in such protection and its reliability. Check available solutions from manufacturers!

Protection against falls from a height

In order to adjust the appropriate protection against falls from a height, it is necessary to specify the type of activities performed and the conditions in which work at height takes place. OHS are regulations that strictly define specific standards that must be met. In our store you will find a wide selection of belay devices from reputable brands, thanks to which working at heights is completely safe. Self-braking devices made of a solid plastic housing, fastening eyes, swivel hooks and steel ropes - all these things are offered in good quality by the seller. Special seats will also prove invaluable because, thanks to a special structure, they allow you to work in a sitting position.

Appropriate protection against falls from a height is also guaranteed by descenders, which allow for safe and quick return to the ground using a rope. Individual equipment for working at height can be found on our website in many models and variants that the producers have tried to obtain. Decide whether you are interested in skates with a clamp or a carabiner, or maybe an eight or a safety cup? High-quality connectors, swivels, pins and clip anchors, which connect all the protective elements required for working at heights, are also essential elements.

Each employer is obliged to provide adequate protection against falls from a height of both the entire team and each employee individually. In order for working at height (OHS) to be fully safe, take care of periodic inspection of your equipment and select individual components for the type of tasks performed and dangerous conditions. If you have any questions or doubts, our specialists will help you choose the right tools so that they do not lose their properties, for example, during contact with chemicals or in direct contact with sharp edges.

Choose the best quality equipment for working at height. You will find a wide selection of individual components or complete sets from well-known and less known manufacturers not only at a good price, but also in great quality. Manufacturers took care of high-class materials that are resistant to external factors, thanks to which protection against falls from a height is even more effective. The modern technologies used allow us to meet the expectations of each client. Do not endanger the health and life of your employees - choose devices that meet the strictest standards and restrictions, so that each user will be completely safe. Check also our other categories!