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Exhaust system is a set of internal combustion engine components, the main task of which is to remove exhaust gases and reduce the noise emitted by the engine. To ensure the best performance, on our portal you will find auctions of only proven manufacturers, among which you will choose all the elements necessary for the proper operation of the entire system.

Construction of the exhaust system

The exhaust gases produced as a result of ignition of the air-fuel mixture must leave the combustion chamber freely. This is necessary to ensure gas exchange inside the cylinder. Therefore, the exhaust must be constructed according to certain technical parameters tailored to the specific vehicle. For this purpose, parts that are resistant to high temperatures are used. In this category you will find all the necessary exhaust manifolds, catalysts, mufflers, lambda probes, particulate filters and exhaust pipes.

In addition to the exhaust gas discharge from the engine compartment, the exhaust is responsible for regulating the gas exchange. After detonation, the air entering the cylinders with the fuel discharges the exhaust gases through the exhaust system. If the exhaust system is not able to evacuate all the exhaust gases, the unit cannot use the full energy potential of the fuel. On the other hand, the muffler and other exhaust parts reduce the noise generated by the operation of the unit. Thanks to this, the journey is more pleasant due to the isolation of sounds coming to the interior, and more importantly, the vehicle is quieter for the environment.

Additional devices used in the exhaust system are also responsible for exhaust gas treatment. This is mainly done by the catalyst and the diesel particulate filter. In order to reduce the level of harmful substances emitted from the engine, manufacturers use high-quality equipment. The lambda probe registers the quality of the exhaust gases in terms of their composition and sends the appropriate signals to the computer in order to evenly dose the mixture.

What to do in the event of an exhaust system failure?

Much depends on the damaged component. If you notice a significant amount of noise while driving, you can find the leak and repair it. If the exhaust has been slightly blown, we recommend repair kits that effectively eliminate the holes. It often happens that the elements disconnect while driving. You do not need to look for a mechanic in order to put them back together. You can obtain dedicated couplings from the auctions visible on our website and use a sealant to apply the part to the disconnected elements. The process does not require professional knowledge, only a paste resistant to high temperatures and tightening a few screws - it will certainly ensure a fully functional exhaust.

It is similar when the silencer has been damaged. If the resulting failure cannot be removed while keeping the part, you can purchase a ready-made element at auctions on our portal. Remember to choose an identical article. To do this, the vehicle model, year and type of chassis must be specified. For people who have some knowledge and the necessary tools, the exchange should not be difficult.

Sometimes you can hear a rattling noise while driving. It can be felt on bumps, when going into high speed or when idling. Then it is worth bending down and checking if any of the hangers has not been damaged. These exhaust parts are also available in our store. The installation of the rubber hangers is very simple and in some cases requires no tools. However, if the hanger catch has broken, it may be necessary to weld the element to the chassis. In many cases, this requires the dismantling of individual parts of the exhaust system or a visit to the workshop.

To ensure you get the highest quality accessories and spare parts for your vehicle, see the specification of the products in this category. On our website you will find auctions of reputable companies experienced in the production of appropriate components. You will certainly be able to choose the right elements with us.