Engines and gearboxes

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Engines and transmissions

Car engine is the heart of every car. His work provides the energy necessary for the operation of most car systems and components. Together with the gearbox, it is responsible for the generation and transmission of energy generated by combustion of the fuel-air mixture to the drive axles. Appropriate quality and care for the engine and all components guarantee correct operation and contribute to its longer life. However, when a breakdown occurs, you will find the appropriate spare parts - check the auctions on our portal, and you will not be disappointed!

Construction and operation of an internal combustion engine

By far the most popular type of engine found in cars is the internal combustion engine for which the energy source is gasoline. In addition to the most common models, this category also includes diesel engines, LPG systems that turn gasoline engines into gas-powered engines, and the most innovative electric engines.

The basic structural element of the engine is a block, also known as the fuselage. Most often made of cast iron or aluminium, it has cylinders in which pistons are placed with connecting rods. Engine can be equipped with several combustion chambers. Most often, their number ranges from 3 to 12. The size of the unit is defined in the value of the cylinder capacity - in this case it is the difference between the maximum and minimum volume of the combustion chamber.

The head is located above the block of the drive unit. Its operation is invaluable due to the number of components it contains. Its main task is the exchange of gases resulting from the combustion of the fuel-air mixture. The camshafts that control the valve lift are responsible for this process. They close and open the valve seats, allowing for a tight combustion chamber or gas exchange. The engine oil is responsible for the lubrication of most of the metal components operating in the unit. It is collected in a bowl usually located at the bottom of the block.

Gearbox design and application

In addition to the engine, the gearbox is one of the most important automotive systems. The correct operation of all its parts is essential for the entire driveline to function flawlessly. Gearbox is a closed system that performs gear changes, i.e. the ratio of the rotational value of the input shaft to the rotational speed of the output shaft. The engine therefore can work in the most favourable operating conditions, ensuring the vehicle is efficiently accelerated and maintained at speed. The connection of the unit to the gearbox is not permanent and is made by a clutch kit, the components of which can also be found in this category. Currently, you will find many types of gear ratios, so the gearbox can be in the following variant:

mechanical - the gear ratio is provided by gears by manually changing the position of the stick,

sequential - a system like mechanical, but with electronic control,

hydromechanical - it is a combination of working fluid and mechanical gears, usually used in automatic and semi-automatic boxes,

stepless - gear changes realized by means of a V-belt.

Regardless of the gearbox type, its main task is to efficiently use the engine's power. Thanks to the variable ratios, it is possible to maintain the optimal engine speed depending on the current load and driving speed. In addition, thanks to the use of an additional gearbox, the gearbox allows the vehicles to move backwards thanks to the reverse gear. On our website you will find auctions from reputable manufacturers who provide the highest quality components of the driveline. These are reliable and extremely long-lasting systems. The gearboxes available in this category are characterized by the durability of gears and the appropriate selection of pressure bearings. The most popular are tapered roller or roller bearings with excellent performance parameters.

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