Enclosures for disconnectors and switches

Enclosures for switches and switches

Enclosures for disconnectors and switches are designed to enclose specific equipment. As a result, it can work flawlessly, preventing failures and related short-circuits and overloads. It is worth paying attention to the individual parameters of this type of devices, because they determine the smooth operation of the equipment.

Enclosures for switches and switches:


Depending on what material the individual housings are made of, this is also how they are used. Enclosures for switches and switches are constructions that determine the operation of switches of various types. That is why it is so important that they are solidly made.

Each plastic housing is distinguished by high tightness parameters. It can be a switchgear or a cabinet with additional elements. Additional components may include: mounting plate, transparent doors or a lock with a key. Plastic enclosures are universal and therefore multi-purpose. They can be easily mounted anywhere.

You can also meet a product like aluminum alloy housing . It is primarily characterized by high corrosion resistance. Such housings are selected when their service life is of particular importance. They can be easily attached to any wall. Such easy installation is another reason why these enclosures are often chosen. Anyone who cares about having an installation on which no traces of use will be visible for a long time should opt for this model.

There is also a steel sheet casing with equally impressive parameters. This version is perfect for indoor use. Depending on how you want to use individual housings, pay attention to their technical data.

The ABB enclosure is ideal for distribution boards. It can be used both in domestic and industrial conditions.

The offer also includes a thermoplastic housing as a material lighter than steel with equally impressive parameters. These are ecological housings that can be recycled. In addition, no dents or protrusions will appear on their plastic surface. In this respect, they are better than steel.

Housing for switches and switches: what to consider?

When selecting enclosures for switch disconnectors and switches, one should consider the general features, i.e. what results from the material of manufacture. This is because it directly affects the parameters of each case. It is also important to pay attention to the descriptions of the manufacturers. On this basis, you can easily match the best solutions on the market.

In turn, attention should be paid to the characteristics of the specific switches and switches on which the enclosures are to be placed. It is impossible to allow a situation where the installation would not work properly. Both in the case of the housing and the main unit, individual parameters must be compatible with each other.

Technical data and information from the manufacturer should be comprehensive. The owner of the facility where the installation is located must carefully consider what is important for him. Only on this basis can the best device be matched to a specific electrical installation system. The key is to optimally fit the housing to the safety device.

Currently, you can find standard and customized enclosures. They are mainly designed for industrial environments where high protection and maximum durability are required. However, they can also be successfully used at home.