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Soap Dispenser Stand - 150 cm

Soap Dispenser Stand - 150 cm

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  • Manufacturer: Vog und Arths
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Hand hygiene is still very important. Every day you come into contact with many surfaces where millions of bacteria collect and multiply. In order to maintain health and sanitation, soap dispensers and disinfectants should be provided in workplaces. Thanks to this, each employee can maintain complete hygiene in all conditions. Placing all cleaning and disinfecting products in appropriate places and their appropriate protection against external factors is another issue that should be taken into account. We meet your needs and offer high quality dispensers for disinfectants and soap. Various capacities and types are waiting for you. Check what we have prepared for you!

Soap dispensers

Soap is the most popular cleaning agent. It is widely available and copes well with dirt. In each toilet, its amount should be constantly replenished. You can put on a classic free-standing dispenser. Its great advantage is mobility - you can put it anywhere. Our proposals were made of materials resistant to external factors. Different capacities can be adapted to the places where they will be standing. Wall mounted dispensers are also extremely functional, especially those models that automatically release a dose of hand washing liquid. Such solutions are convenient and safe. It is also worth choosing transparent models - thanks to this, you can see the current level of fluid inside and when it needs to be refilled. Easy assembly and direct access to the interior mean that you can easily ensure the highest standard of hygiene for everyone. Soap dispensers should be found in every toilet and in any room with access to wash basins or sinks - whether it is a workplace or a shopping mall.

Dispensers for disinfection

Dispensers for disinfection and all such products are most often placed in food production plants, sanitary rooms of hospitals and medical facilities, so where hand hygiene is extremely important. Small dispensers for disinfection are perfect for small interiors and spaces. They can be placed on the wall, right next to the door. Thanks to this, as soon as you enter the building, you will take care of proper hygiene of everyone entering the building. Such solutions placed in public facilities help to limit the spread of diseases and viruses. In addition, they increase the comfort and hygiene of each client.

Non-contact dispensers

Contactless dispensers ensure complete hygiene due to the lack of possibility of transferring bacteria on elements such as a pump or a button. These types of devices are dedicated to medical, gastronomic and public facilities. Non-contact dispensers have a built-in photocell, which activates the mechanism when you bring your hand closer and dispenses the liquid. Such products are resistant to rust and are suitable for rooms with increased humidity. In our store you will find many capacities and various designs. Contactless dispensers can be mounted on the wall or you can choose free-standing models. Due to their large size, they are usually placed at the entrances to large facilities, such as shopping centers or railway stations. This solution allows anyone to sanitize hands hygienically without touching the mechanism.

Elbow dispensers

Elbow dispensers for soap and disinfectant products can most often be found in sanitary facilities, hospitals or offices. Thanks to the lever placed at the appropriate height, you can release the mechanism with your elbow, without having to touch it with your hand - thanks to which it will remain clean and free from bacteria. Most often, the housing is made of plastic and plastics, and the arm and a special drip (also commonly known as a tray) are made of stainless steel. Thanks to this, the device will serve for a long time. Elbow dispensers for antibacterial liquids spray them in the form of a mist that you can easily and quickly rub into your hands. To apply thicker products, just unscrew the nozzle. Due to the special collection point, the dispenser remains hygienic and the environment clean.

Thorough hand washing, in accordance with the recommendations contained in special health and safety instructions, ensures hygienic cleanliness and minimizes the risk of infection with viruses and bacteria. Provide your employees with access to the necessary hygiene products and use high-quality dispensers . The highest quality materials and attractive prices can be found in our store. Check it out!