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Desk luminaires / desk lamps

Good desk lighting is essential to increase your comfort level while working. Desk lamps are more than just an element of interior design. They are also light sources that allow less eye use when using a computer or reading books.

How to choose desk luminaires?

Choosing the right desktop luminaires is a process in which there are several important points to keep in mind. First of all, you need to focus on ensuring that the equipment you buy meets the requirements regarding the intensity of the generated light, its color and orientation.

Another aspect that deserves attention is the design of the lamp itself. It should complement the style of the interior of an office or office. In recent years, minimalism has been a fashionable solution, and therefore there are many lamps on the market with a simple design that can be adapted to almost all modern rooms.

What to consider when choosing desk lamps?

Before choosing the right model of a desk lamp, it is good to consider the functionality of the lighting. For this purpose, it is worth considering the parameters of a specific model. After all, the point is that the purchase should last for many years, not just months.

The main advantage of any desktop luminaire is its mobility. The lamp should be light and easy to move from one place to another. The supplied electrical cable must not be shorter than one and a half meters, and preferably about three meters in length.

The intensity of light is another issue that deserves a good deal of attention. Older generation lamps did not allow to adjust the light intensity, but more modern models do allow such an option and thus increase the comfort of use.

It is also important to focus on the power of the selected desk lamps. Usually, the power value ranges from 40 to even 100 W. To make the use of these products more ecological and economical, it is worth considering the purchase of LED bulbs, which not only significantly reduce electricity consumption, but also help to reduce electricity bills.

Comfort of using desk lamps

To make your life more comfortable, it is worth remembering that the bulb embedded in the desk lamp should not be closer to the illuminated space than 35 cm. Then the workplace is well lit, but at the same time the user's eyes are exposed to less exploitation.

It is also important to choose the place where the desk binding will be placed. Natural light is the best environment for human eyes, so every effort should be made to obtain as similar as possible under artificial conditions.

The type and direction of the generated light also seem to be quite important. It is most beneficial for human eyes when there are two lighting sources in the room - one main and the other directional. The former may be in the form of classic ceiling lamps, while the latter is the one placed directly on the desk. Thanks to this solution, you can maneuver the light in any way and adjust its intensity to the type of work.

Color and design of desk lamps

Desk lighting is to be highly functional above all, but you should also not forget to choose the right color and style. By taking care of these matters, you can emphasize the design of the entire interior in a unique way. The light source can be equipped with a light bulb with a natural color, which will imitate the color of sunlight. This solution helps in better concentration and works well while the user spends many hours at the desk. However, it is good to give up fancy lamps, whose bulbs are hidden under lampshades or come in fancy colors and patterns. Although such solutions work well in places such as bars and other entertainment points, unfortunately they are not suitable for placing in an office space, because they not only tire your eyes, but also distract you.